This blog today is especially for my readers who have a deep understanding of life paths and the law of attraction.

I (unconsciously) gave myself a test today. I couldn’t help but think of all the words that I have spoken, written and read in books in regards to soul lessons. No matter how much we think we know we have to remember that life is a journey and we are all here to learn and to experience.

I have a soul lesson that I am working through and have been for many life times. I am so close or at least much closer than ever before to overcoming this one (of many) life lessons. So, today it smacked me in the face (not literally) and I had to go deep within to not get overwhelmed or let the negative emotions that have always been linked to this one topic get the best of me. It took me longer then I wanted, but I was able to let go and release.

This lesson not only includes an outside material but is related to a close relationship. So, how did I handle this negative experience (that is thankfully, with much practice, becoming a less and less frequent experience?) Well, first I kind of already knew it was going to happen because it was on my mind – first mistake – however, it doesn’t make it any easier. Once I realized my emotional connect, I had to do my best to shake it off and let my mind go blank (more info. in the ABOUT at the top of page, under emotional ladder.) Then I pulled my faith and knowledge together in knowing that it is one of my life lesson tests. And the only way to get rid of these tests and have these negative experiences from happening in my future was to disengage my energy and thoughts from the not desired experience. I had to repeat this practice multiple time throughout the day, but I know that if I do this then I am one step closer to not having this experience again!

Positive thoughts = Positive feelings = Positive experiences/manifestations!

From the heart always,


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