Take Charge Just for today!

“Living in the moment.” Sounds so wonderful and solid, doesn’t it? People say it all the time. But what does it really mean? We always ‘say’ things with great intention to follow that which we speak of, however….. we do not always practice what we preach. Similar to ” a painter’s house is never painted.” or a football coach who is terribly out of shape and can’t understand why their student “can’t do another push up after already doing 100?”

My mind is filled with so many things that I want to share, but even I need to remember to give it a rest and “live in the moment.”

Here’s the thing with living in the moment. 1) You can’t ‘always’ live in the moment because you need to reflect on things that happened in your past to know what you ‘do’ want and what you do ‘not’ want. We learn from our moments, always, and we need to understand that learning is all we need to do. Not dwell and get stuck! Unless you like to be stuck and stagnant, in which case – go ahead and wallow. But don’t complain when you are not moving in any other direction. I haven’t met anyone yet, that doesn’t want to grow in someway though. So, it’s okay to quickly look back if you need some self guidance on which way you want to go in the future. (in other words there is NO place for guilt, ever! – Guilt closes doors!)

After you know what you want to experience, give it some good due credit and visualize yourself experiencing that particular experience with lots of feel good feelings (I will be adding info. on visualization skills in my ‘ABOUT” at the top of the page.)

Now it is time to “live in the moment!” When you live in the moment, you see what is going on right here, right now without worry of the past or future. You open your door to that which you were just visualizing, because you let ‘go’ of the troubles that you have created in your reality. You live, you appreciate and you love your moment for what it is, what ever it may be. Soon it changes and you get to do the same process all over again.

Living in the moment is quite freeing. And I highly suggest trying it for 1 day. For 1 day you can ‘take control’ of your experiences. Every experience we have is completely unique to each individual, it’s called “perception” and remember we only control our own life experiences (perception) so why not make it a good one? (THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS – CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS TO MATCH THAT WHICH YOU DESIRE!) When you appreciate the moment that you are in, you create more moments to appreciate (like the ones you were visualizing!)

Keep posted, I will be adding more ‘like’ topics throughout the weeks…

From the heart, always,


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