Stop! and look both ways..

I noticed something recently about myself. And I am very glad I was open enough at the time to be paying attention, because I could just imagine how may times a day, when I am not paying attention, that I do this…

What am I talking about? I am talking about my relationship with me and how many times a day I let my ego (I am not talking about dictionary written ego that says “I am awesome” but the part of us that is ‘not’ source energy (divine)), run all over me.

I always pay attentin to how I am feeling because it lets me know what I am thinking and therefor attracting to my reality. So, when I feel negative emotions for no good apperant reason, I have to figure out why? Well, I noticed that I was ‘bashing’ myself (kinda hard word, but the point is made.) And I began to wonder how many times do we all do this to ourselves?

If I do this (and I really like myself, ha,ha), how many times in a day do others do this to themselves? The ego is so very sneaky. It’s main canopy has the title ‘judgment’. How many times in an hour do you judge yourself? – “I should be doing this, not that.” – “I am getting fat because…” – “Why am I being so lazy?” – “What’s wrong with me, why am I yelling?” – “I should be taking better care of myself.” – “I am so stupid for ….” – “Why do I let that person talk to me that way?” – “I should have more energy and be more like…” – “No body really likes me over there because…” – “I’m not good enough to make it big in ….”

I could go on and on.. but it’s making me sad, so I’ll stop. We are so mean to ourselves and it makes no sense at all, because we are our own b.f.f s’! Men and women are the same when it comes to this, although some people hide it better then others.

When I am being the nicest to self, that is when I notice the most desired manifestations being experienced. That is when my door is the widest open. My relationships go well and material gain is the highest!

So, loving yourself works! And it not only works for you but for those around you who will notice and experience a personal enlightening of their own.

Your job for today is to pay attention to how many times you judge yourself. Catch the judgments/put downs and throw them up to the heavens to transform into loving energy. If you get really good at this, you will be amazed at the difference in your day-to-day life experiences.

We are not here to judge ourselves or anybody else. There is no right or wrong, just learning and living. Do you want to live a positive path? Then you know deep in your heart what to do. Do it and reap the benefits.

From the heart, always,


3 comments on “Stop! and look both ways..

  1. I agree–our thoughts do become our world. . .That sneaky ego–it’s helpful that you remind us to notice the tone of our inner “speak”. Sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and disassociate from the negativity. But you’re totally right–the more we steer away from it, the more positivity manifests itself . . .the two really can’t peacefully co-exist. Tks for liking my post–really enjoyed yours as well.

  2. Thank you for your positive insight! Keep plugged in. I will have tons of similar future writes in regards to this and other like subjects that we can all energetically connect with. It’s so nice to converse with like-minded people. Have a great night…

  3. lunasealife says:

    True true true! I am working with this right now too. Our biggest challenge is learning to love ourselves… thanks for the reminder!

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