Are you thinking what I think your thinking?

I had a neat experience yesterday. Well, it was neat for me because I am always viewing things from an unusual perspective, or at least I think so. Anyway, the following is all about perception and how it affects our reality…

I had to go into a friend/co worker’s home unexpectedly, and the whole time I was there (which was not more than 10 min.) she fussed and apologized for her messy house as she ran around like a tornado picking up everything in sight! Now I, being a mother of 3 and having a 200 lb. dog, would never, ever in a million years judge someone on their house appearance. However, I totally understood where she was coming from, because I have been there (freaking out about new people coming over and cleaning up my house, foolishly worried about what they might think of me!) So, to finish up my story.. after being back at work, which I love, for about 45 minutes, my friend says to me, “I know you are judging me for my messy house!” Now that was quite a bold statement, considering the fact that I haven’t even thought about her or her house for even a millisecond since leaving her home (other than, it was such a cute home.) Funny, huh?

We all have our own, unique and personal perception of every single experience that we are having in each moment that we have them. You do not ‘know’ what I am thinking and I  do not ‘know’ what you are thinking. While we may all be siting in the same room, hearing the same words, looking at the same pictures, watching the same exact scene…… we are all viewing, hearing, tasting, etc. differently.

So, what makes us think we know what is going on in the person’s head next to us? Ego.

We sit all day and talk to ourselves and pick at every little detail of life, with ourselves, guessing and assuming what is in the minds of all, with ourselves.

So we tend to think that “ourself” (I know that’s not proper english – “see I just thought you thought something that you might or might not of..”ha,ha!) has the ‘correct’ assumption and perception of each experience.

Here’s the tricky part, Our perception is correct because it is all we have and is unique to each of us, which means we have a choice on how we want to see every situation, because it does not matter what the person next to you is thinking (they are having their own unique, little party going on in their own world!) The part that is not good is wasting our time making up in our own minds what the other person is viewing and thinking. Remember, we are all in the same world, yet we are all on our own stage – directing our own scenes – at all times!

So please do not waste your time worrying about what the other person ‘might’ be thinking. They are ‘not’ thinking ‘that’ and even if they were, what good would it do for your arrangement of your life experiences to let your mind dwell on anything that is negative? Take control of your path and next time you want to make up what the other ‘guys’ thinking about you, make sure it involves something magical and positive!!!!

From the heart, always,


2 comments on “Are you thinking what I think your thinking?

  1. I feel everyone should live and not worry about other peoples perception on them greatly. If you do, then you would worry what everyone is thinking of you and miss the chance to live your life to the fullest. Just live in the present and take every single experience with a pinch of salt. 🙂 Love the post overall.

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