Law of attraction, quicky..

Just a little something to spark your synapses in your brain…

How many times today did you find yourself emerged in a negative experience and forget to think yourself out of it? Or in other words, did you perhaps find yourself thinking a little too much about what you do ‘not’ want instead of what you ‘do’ want?

This is just a small reminder to keep all of us on our desired positive life path. (We all need reminders, that is why I started this blog in the first place.)

I also wanted to add another little note: The universe that we are living and experiencing this physical life in, is an ‘attraction’ based universe. Meaning that we need to be sure to give thought to, only, what we want, example: Ones thought should be based around; “I have been feeling very healthy lately.” NOT – “I have not been sick in a while.” Because when we give energy toward the first one, it states “healthy”, but when we give our energy toward the second one, it states “sick”.

Okay, that’s all I wanted to say tonight on that..Keep up the positive and the positive will keep up with you! Sweet dreams to all.. (more to come soon..)

From the heart, always,


3 comments on “Law of attraction, quicky..

  1. faking40at50 says:

    I need more control of my thoughts. Please give us more examples. It does not come naturally to some. We need training.

  2. I gave a few examples and a little 101 in regards to this subject in my blogs up above. I hope they are helpful. I will be giving more examples in the days to come. Stay tuned and thank you for being you and being here!

  3. Nootropic says:

    I love your insightful blog. brilliant stuff

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