In the beginning….

I know it seems really difficult in the beginning to try to control ones thoughts and actions. I remember very vividly, getting frustrated with myself because I just couldn’t catch on as fast as I wanted. I knew deep down that everything that I was learning was so real and true, and I wanted instant gratification. I wanted all my desires and dreams to become my reality – now! And if I am the one to manifest it all by pure thought then ‘easy-peasy’, right? Ha,ha… Over a 12 year span of deep studying and practice in many different directions (all having the same basis of the law of attraction and soul lessons and meditation and talking with the angels and, and, and..) I learned some very important things. The most important being, that we are all on our own path at different levels (not one level is higher or better/worse than the other), and we are each here in this physical realm to learn and experience our own individual lessons. We interact with each other to help one another learn and make decisions in regards to what we ‘do’ want and what we do ‘not’ want. Once those decisions are made, our paths are drawn out from the universe by the law of attraction, and if we allow ourselves, we walk that path toward the manifestation that our own thoughts made. The question is.. Do we like what manifestations that our thoughts are making? Yes! Awesome, keep going with those thoughts! No! Then it is time to change those thoughts! How do you change your thoughts that you have been thinking, that are drilled into your brain and feel like they are put there with super-glue? Well, in my next blog I will go over some short tricks and examples that I started with. And over time and with much loving practice, this process will not seem like a process at all, but a new fresh way of life!

From the heart as always,


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