Tricks of the Trade

I am sure that I will go over this topic many times in the next year, for many people who are at many different stages in their journeys. Today, I am going to start with a few basic steps that helped me out in the beginning of my process. I hope that it helps some of you or reminds some of you about staying in connect with your own source energy in this process of self-development.

A lot of what I am writing has been mildly discussed in my law attraction topics at the top of my home page. So, please feel free to check those out, also.

First of all, it is of utmost importance to pay attention to how you are feeling at all times! Emotion is our gift from source. Our emotions tell us what we are thinking and therefore, manifesting. If you look around you at your manifested reality, what you see tells you how you have been feeling/thinking for the past, however many years you have been in your physical body.( Relationships, jobs, material items, bank account, house, etc.)

I am going to do my best not to run away with my discussion and start writing every little thing in my brain, (it’s a habit of mine when I get really excited about certain topics!)

Anyway, sticking to ‘this’ topic…. Tricks I like to use in the beginning. As you pay attention to your feelings, it is an alarm bell sounding off in your body to tell you “alert, alert, your thoughts are good or bad” in regards to what your desires may be! Obviously, feeling great – you are matching your desires or at least it is the same ‘feeling’ ball park as your desires. Stay there and run with it for as long as you can. Live the moment and appreciate it! However, when the stomach ache or neck ache comes on and the nerves pump up and irritation kicks in, “STOP” and evaluate what is going on in that old brain of yours! What have you let seep in?

  1. recognize your thought.
  2. make a decision to change it.
  3. affirm the opposite of your negative thought.
  4. visualize something that makes you feel a positive emotion.(anything.)
  5. use positive affirmations in regards to the opposite of your ng. thought.
  6.  indulge in the positive ‘feelings’ that are brought on by your new positive visual  and/or thought.
  7. continue throughout your day to pay attention to your emotions and repeat these steps as many times as it takes to change you thought patterns.

Now I know this may seem like a lot of work, but soon you will not have to follow any steps because it will happen naturally and very quickly.

Feeling negative will be more of a foreign emotion and positive emotions will be natural and an easy way of life, without thought or work.

You can use many different visas to change a negative visual to a positive. In the beginning I would visualize beautiful purple flowers. (Boy, did I see lots of purple flowers everywhere in my reality, it was great!) I also loved to turn on a ‘rockin’ song to jam to or dance to. Be careful not to turn on sappy, sad music if you want to be uplifted and excited.

Everything you watch on t.v. or read or listen to has 100 percent effect on your emotions. Are you watching something that makes you feel good or bad? Should you choose to keep watching/listening or change it? All of this is part of our journey of the decision-making process.

Eventually you will be able to watch, listen and experience negative situations that others have created and connected to your reality, with a healthy and loving disconnect. Our goal is to be able to emotionally disconnect from the negative that surrounds us, yet still have divine loving compassion for all others in every situation (the compassion will come from having experienced a like or same experience in your own life time, yet it will have been an experience that you would have overcome previously.) There will be much more discussed on this topic also, in the months to come.

For now, just try the few steps that I mentioned above. Be very gentle and forgiving of  yourself. Complete faith and love, in all areas of the positive are your final goal, here. So, be patient and keep trying. I promise, it will all be second nature in no time!

Stay tuned for my next blog on “False Premises.” (and more personalized examples of thoughts that may need to be changed to positive thoughts.)

Have a wonderfully positive day…


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