Health Tip:

Want to feel good physically and mentally? Drink half your body weight in ounces of WATER! If you weight 120 lbs. you should consume 60 oz. of water a day. If you sweat a lot or drink caffeine or alcohol, you need to add more water to your original intake amount. Also, it is very important to have 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of unrefined, natural sea salt that contains all its natural minerals! Not that yucky bleached to death pure sodium table salt. Our bodies need the salt and water mixture to run everything correctly including our hormones (which are tied in with our emotions and many other things that we are working on as a whole.) I really enjoy a brand of sea salt called ‘Real Salt’ although that salt does not supply Iodide which is a natural element that we need, however you can supplement in other ways. If you want more information on this water/salt and the body topic, please check out the books I have chosen on my main blog page. There are a few books on this subject that I loved reading and think you would enjoy, also. Good Luck and Happy Health To You and Yours!!

From the heart,


One comment on “Health Tip:

  1. faking40at50 says:

    Yes, great advice. I watched a show on how they extracted sea salt and then dried it. The earth provides what we need. thanks

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