False Premises

Tonight at my monthly life coaching gathering we discussed ‘false premises’ and relationships. This gathering is such a wonderful avenue for like minded people to discuss issues that arise in ones life that may be of concern and lovingly take turns leading and following one another in this life journey. I highly suggest finding one in your town or leading one with your friends. I really enjoy the energetic connection and helping others to find their own source connect, so that they can take control and lead themselves in the direction that they desire to go. 

Have you ever believed something, yet never really felt comfortable/good believing it? Maybe you believe it because your parents did or someone close to you said you should believe it or see a certain situation in a certain way. Another words, this is ‘right’, this is ‘wrong’. These are ‘false premises’. It is a belief that one holds and a belief is only a thought that you keep thinking over and over again until you make it your reality. 

How many ‘false premises’ do you have? People who have a lot of money are not nice. The towels have to be folded ‘this’ way. People who drive that car are…. If you live there you are not smart… If you live ‘there’ you are smart… You can not where white after labor day. If you are an engineer you must not be creative. If you own a cat your house will smell bad. You have to work really hard and long to earn a lot of money. You have to go to collage to go anywhere in life…….. I could go on and on for days, but I won’t! All of your ‘false premises’ just started out as a simple belief and turned into something solid. 

Do you have any that you would like to release? The first step is to just be aware of them. Maybe think about where they came from. Think about why, if something feels negative to you, do you continue to believe in that direction. Does that thought benefit you on your journey to peace and enlightenment? If not, than how do you let go and move on? 

For today we will start with just learning and understanding. Tomorrow we will start with the ‘letting go’ and beyond. Until next time……..

From the heart,


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