Part II of negative beliefs:

So, to continue my last discussion….. Beliefs that make you feel low on the emotional ladder are of no use to us! In fact, not only are they of no use, they are actually holding us back from manifesting are desires! When we concentrate on one of these negative beliefs, we might as well grab a huge wooden door and plop it right in front of our path and put a dead bolt on it!

Release is the key to opening that door. To do this it will take time. Just think of how long this one thought was pounded into your brain before you made it a solid belief. Just like practicing for a school test, you need to lovingly assert yourself in this matter of releasing negative beliefs. Catch yourself when you’re thinking such a thought and feeling the negative emotion attached to it! THEN go through your personal steps of thought control. This is the same as I discussed in a previous blog about how to train your mind-body connect with emotions.

Step 1 is to recognize, step 2 is to visualize the opposite, step 3 is to stay as long as you can in that emotion of the positive and then keep practicing until you no longer connect with that negative belief! Just like memorizing a difficult spelling word, after a while it becomes second nature to write it down with out even thinking about it.

I will discuss more of this, in many different ways throughout time… Good luck  and ‘here’s to you’ on manifesting your greatest dreams!!

From the heart and from the soul,



One comment on “Part II of negative beliefs:

  1. I like your unique take on spirituality. Good for you for doing what works for you.

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