Being patient in a world full of impatience…

It is so fun to recognize something that you manifested.

We manifest every moment, however to consciously work on manifesting one specific experience and then actually ‘see’ it in form, is so exciting! It happens all the time for me, now. It never did before when my eyes were closed. I have learned that faith and patience is of utmost importance in this process. To get discouraged will only block such movement. For some, the process of manifesting is easy and speedy (those are the ones that are vibrational high on the emotional ladder.) I have worked my way up there but with lots of moment to moment concentration. Now that I let go of the worry of ‘can I do it’ and trust whole heartedly, in the process, I find manifesting fun and exciting. Kind of like waiting to see if your new-born will be a girl or a boy (which by the way I did with all 3 of my children – so fun!) People tend to get stumped or trip when the worry sets in as they view the world around them and take in all the outside influences. Remember, it’s just you, baby! Your brain controls the cruise.

I do have to add that part of the fun is finding out how the universe brings that desired manifestation to you. All of my manifestations are brought to me a little later than I originally plan, and in a most ‘un’ expected way! So it’s always fresh and exciting and usually in a way that if my eyes had not been open, I very well might have not even seen it! Those who do not see openly will call it a coincidence or pure luck. Nope. You did it! Pat yourself on the back and start working up the next one with faith and acceptance and excitement, oh and don’t forget PATIENCE.

Hey, and one more little thing. In my experiences the only way to really get what you want is “to stop thinking about it day in and day out.” What I mean is that when I am in the moments of wanting something/experience, all I can think about is “wanting” it and when you “want” something you are asking the universe to bring it to you because ….YOU DO NOT HAVE IT YET! Which means you are really thinking and concentrating on the fact that ‘it’ is not in your life and your emotions are matching with a negative needing, fearful, not in control, feeling. And the longer it takes to let go of those feelings, the longer it takes to manifest that which you desire and the impatience sets in, followed by “I can’t do it.” Sound familiar?

So, once I learned to let go and just trust and allow without thinking about it anymore, BAM! There it was, set right in front of me in the most unexpected way! Then and only then did I really get it!

(Sometimes it is/was a gradual effect, like slowly having more and more people wanting me to help them with dance/exercise (and by this time, I was like, Jeez.. I don’t really have the time now for all this, but boy I sure wanted it a while ago – when I was worrying about it all the time..) Or sometimes it is one big moment of “here’s the exact amount of money that you asked for a few months ago, still need it?! ( the answer is always, yes, of course!))

So, today and everyday, do not forget to open your eyes and appreciate the gifts that you have brought to yourself. Celebrate no matter how big or small and keep working on it… life is a never-ending journey. Make it what you want!

Until next time and from the heart, always,


One comment on “Being patient in a world full of impatience…

  1. Great post, I think I really needed to read this today 🙂
    Thank you x

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