Appreciate this!

When do we stop appreciating something? Why do we stop appreciating something? I was thinking about this the other day when the air turned warm and the sun was shinning brightly.

I live in Michigan and it is March which means it could be winter or it could be summer! Right now it is more summer and everyone is crawling out of hibernation, looking around at their yards like the ground is foreign land. It’s wonderful!

For most people, the glass is 1/2 full – meaning that they are enjoying the new scenery. For others, the glass is 1/2 empty – meaning that they are seeing that they have a lot of work to do in regards to spring clean up and outside house work that has laid dormant for months. Which am I? I would like to say that I am about 90% glass full, but I did found myself saying to someone “yes, it is so beautiful out today, but now we have to clean up all the winter mess.” I recognized the low of the later half of the statement and quickly removed the exhausting thought from my brain and closed my eyes to smell the clean, sweet air and enjoy the moment. However, I did think about something interesting…

My ultimate goal in regards to my earthly placement, is to have my home located somewhere very tropical with lots of sand and pale blue water. So, I thought, ‘would I find myself ‘lacking’ appreciation after being at my paradise for a period of time?’ Do people who already live at my paradise location feel bored and unhappy with their daily scenery? I couldn’t imagine! But the proof is in the pudding, so they say (although I never really got that statement, ha,ha.)

Anyway, how many of us live at or experience what is the fantasy and dream of  another? How many people use visualization methods and picture themselves living ‘your’ life? Thousands, I am sure!

Now… how many times in a day are you bored and unhappy with your scenery and experiences? How is it even possible that we forget to appreciate each moment?

Or… How many of us are lying dormant, thinking about all the stuff/experiences that we ‘don’t’ have, the untapped talents that we push down, even though we find ourselves ‘bored’! For every unused energy form, whether it be a specific talent like music, writing or painting or any other mental and physical gift, there is someone out there wishing they had what you have and know how they would use it, if only they could!

Do you feel that way about someone else? Do you have a gift lying dormant –  If you find that you are bored, then you have something going on inside of you that is hiding for some reason or another. Does it have to be something that will be mind-boggling and amaze the whole world? No. It just has to amaze and change “your world.”

So, do not forget to actually make your moment and live out your moment, because your moments are the dreams of another and they need to be respected and APPRECIATED!

And that, my friend, is how you help to manifest your dreams (which someone is actually living right now, hopefully appreciating it as much as you will when it comes to you!) Good luck and keep up the good work!

From the heart,


*Having any trouble with a specific topic in your life: health, relationships (parent-child/spouse/family/friends/co workers..), work, home, physical, mental, etc.? Check out  the info. under “life coaching” and contact me for more information and help. You can also ask the angels with an intuitive card reading. All my services are joyfully and freely given to those in need!

2 comments on “Appreciate this!

  1. I like your unique take on spirituality. Good for you for doing what works for you.

  2. Thank you, Mollie! I think (blog-wise) we have similar back-grounds and thought processes. We feel compelled to help others on their journeys (if it is needed..) and my hopes and intentions are that what I write will inspire something in everyone. Thanks for being here.

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