This is swimming in the deep end..

Why do tragic experiences happen to us?

This is a touchy subject because when you are swimming in the energy of a tragic experience, it is near impossible to see outside of the deep, dark waters.

Everyone has negative experiences, some are what one would describe as horrific while others are just considered terrible. What’s the difference? Well, that can only be determined by the ones that are in the experience and no other.

I have had some (what I would call) terrible experiences, yet have come out on top (now – not in those moments) because I have learned and tried with all my might to release the fish-hooks that were attached to me (from the remembered experience.) How did I do it? How can we live through something horrific and actually swim up and float on top of the water to enjoy the warmth of the sun again? Hmmm.. God question! (yes, I said God when ‘good’ should have been written, because it is such a human question that seems so spiritually driven!) Well, here’s what my consciousness has to say in regards to this subject….(and by consciousness, I am referring to my intuitive divine connect, my higher self that is and will always be, even after my physical body expires – it is what we all have and what I am always talking about when we discuss our connect and the like. It is our goal to always tap into this loving source for all reasons that we are choosing while we are here.)

I am having difficulties with this one because I want to keep it simple and not too long (and not sound unattached, to be honest.)

Okay, (I have already erased this sentence a trillion times) the reason I am struggling is because those of us who have or are living thru a tragic experience would never believe this, and I don’t blame them. The pain seems like a ridiculous feeling to put oneself through, however…

We actually already preplanned our major learning events w/ the people that we are experiencing them with before we came into these wonderful bodies! There. I did it!

I know it is so hard to swallow, that it’s not someone’s fault outside of us. For some reason (that is unknown to most) there are certain experiences that we need to go through to learn a life lesson or spiritual lesson. It could seem detrimentally huge or quite seemingly small, yet we need to learn from it all. It is part of the process of ascension. Once we learn our soul lesson we will no longer need to experience such matters.

We might be having a tragic experience to help another. Which also would have been a prior agreement.

So, we are not here ‘just’ to enter a body and then leave a body. It is much deeper than that! So, the next big question is…. where does the law of attraction fit into this, if it was all preplanned???? Well, Only the major soul lessons were needed for growth, how we learn and react to these events will determine our future.

Will we have to keep experiencing such events until we learn that needed soul lesson. unfortunately, yes. But not in the exact same way, perhaps. The law of attraction is part of the whole fun puzzling experience. We are here to feel all the wonderful senses that we are blessed with and make chooses in regards to our experiences. Do we want ‘this’  or ‘that’ again? Yes. Keep going on the same emotional/thought path. No? Learn and shimmy up your emotional ladder, then.

Like I said, sometimes it’s for the learning purpose of another. Sometimes we need to learn how to let go and practice the gifts of giving and receiving the purest form of ‘love’. What ever ones reason is, it is derived from divinity.

Remember, if we are our ‘soul’ which is energy, we never truly,die.
We are always. And we are here in this chosen body for a certain period of time to experience all that we can and to utilize our amazing gifts of body, mind and spirit connect! So, there is never anything to really fear or feel guilty or have any other negative emotion about. There is just life!

Try to make yours a good one by using the information that you have received through your own experiences, whether it has been gathered from the co-experiencers or from within. And appreciate the present and look forward to the future.

My deepest loving thoughts to you, always…

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