Just because…

Sometimes we need to just relax and stop thinking so hard about so many things. I swear sometimes my brain actually hurts (boy, my husband could sure make a smart ass comment about that..ha,ha..) So tonight I am relaxing. Not going to try to help anyone (which I love, love to do) or think of how to make the world a better place, blah, blah, blah.. Just chill.

It has been so hot here in Michigan (not complaining a bit!) and tonight it decided to rain and cool down. So I opened the windows to let the breeze in, got all the kids snug in bed and the hubbies out cleaning his Harley up (anxious for continued warm riding weather) and I am having a nice glass of red wine talking to whom ever wants to listen (I already meditated, which I really needed today – highly advise all to try and not to worry, what ever way works for you to meditate is the right way.) AHHHHH…. now what? I could grab one of my many books, but that would involve thinking, so I guess I will continue to write about nothing for a few more minutes and then take a walk out to see what my man’s got going on. I love the sound of the crickets, well as long as it is outside ,otherwise.. so very annoying when one gets caught in the house, ugh…

(Here’s a random thought..) Could you imagine living (although some of us probably have) in medieval times or another ancient time when all they drank was wine or the like? Some of you are saying “awesome!” but really… how did they even get anything accomplished? They would have been drunk all the time. No wonder there were so many horrible wars over such silly things (except for the happy drunks..nothing quite like a silly, happy drunk.. ha,ha..) See this is what happens when I let my mind aimlessly wander. I am writing on a little Netbook which I tend to do when I am in bed because the larger computer is in the other room. And while this is a fine little lap top (the key here being, little) I find that I have to go back and make a lot of corrections and it can’t do all the things that my other one can, but I did write my entire book on this (actually I first wrote my book on an old school typewriter, yes I did! Very proud, I am.. ha,ha..) In the end though, I am extremely grateful, even if my fingers keep hitting the wrong little keys… obviously I am not really a texter either, someday..

Anyway, I hope everyone is able to have a few relaxing evenings this week! I should probably hang up now before I write more silly and meaningless comments (until next time…)

I will finish the second part to my last blog tomorrow and “cheers” to all of you out there doing your best to enjoy an evening full of peace and love..

From the heart always,


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