Part II of Defuse (2nd half of prior posting)

Here are the steps needed to defuse a negatively charged situation..

  • recognize that you are armed for battle.
  • understand that in order to keep the negative charge between you and the other person, you need to keep the ‘fire’ lit inside of you.
  • put your own fire (negative charge) out and watch the sizzling charge between you and the other person start to slowly vanish.

Okay, now how do we put our ‘fire’ out? It is the same as it is with the rest of the law of attraction. After you pay attention to what is happening inside of you, it is time to make a decision – keep up with the negative situation by focusing on all the negative thoughts, therefor attracting more situations like this one into your future or…. LET GO and stop the recurrence of similar negative situations? Let’s stop ’em! Yes? Alright then, here is what we all need to work on…

  • understanding that the other person is in charge of their experiences, therefor you do not need to get emotionally involved.
  • recognize that the other person needs to go through what ever they are going through for a reason and when you back away emotionally it is very good for them and their soul growth.
  • disconnect yet be compassionate to their situation (you may have experienced what they are now experiencing, in your past.)
  • if you can’t comfort them, be logical in a loving way.
  • just say that you understand and you are sorry that they have to have this experience and Walk Away!
  • breath deeply and go into a quite area (bathroom?) to try and meditate and clear your mind, if only for a moment.
  • always re-enter the other persons space with a light attitude (sometimes a beer or glass of wine helps)
  • AND most importantly know that there is no right or wrong in life. Therefor there is not any real reason for any of us to feel guilty, mad or defensive in any situation/experience. We need to learn from life and make smart uplifting decisions. Do we want to experience ‘this’ again? Then defuse your energy and eventually you will no longer have ‘this’ experience again!

Following these steps will be the best thing that you will ever do for yourself and the other people in your life. It will bring peace to your path and everyone will benefit. It will bring your soul vibrations up and open your doors wide to manifesting your wonderful desires!

Good Luck and call on me if you need help!

From the heart,


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