Well, I did it!…

Well, I did it! I manifested a vacation! Woohoo! Tomorrow the family and I leave for Florida to chill and bask in the sun. We’re driving, so wish us luck. This vacation will give me time to meditate and further connect with self. The angels have been yelling at me to take a vacation to develop my intuitive clear-connect. I have been spiritually growing and learning mass amounts of information, while trying to not be overwhelmed. I can’t wait to get back with all of you and really bunker down on all of my healing skills and spread out to those in need. I will try to write while away, but if not, please be patient and I promise to give you all the juicy details upon my return (which is only 10 days!) Feel free to go through my past posts if you need inspiration or help. Think positive and visualize all that you desire. Remember, it’s all on it’s way, just be patient and keep your faith! Hugs and smiles to you all…..

Deep from the heart,




Boy oh boy, this world is full of worry-warts! Everywhere I go, I hear someone mouthing off about how worried they are about this and that! I want nothing more than to grab their fleshy cheeks and look them right in their glassy eyeballs and sternly say “Stop worrying about everything and nothing will happen!!” But instead I just have a small, silent conversation with their higher-self and ask for their help and guidance in leading this person to a peaceful place where they can let all their worry’s go and hold an attitude of joyful gratitude.

I remember when I first learned how bad it was for me to worry about anything. At the time I was taking some medication for panic attacks. Anybody who knows me now would be shocked to hear that! I am so relaxed now and I have taken complete control over my emotions and therefore my outcome of life experiences. I didn’t know then that I was actually making my panic attacks by my thoughts and how fast a thought can snowball into another related thought…. ICKK! I sometimes run off course, even now, and quickly feel that nervous feeling (the ones that used to run right into a full-blown attack) but now that I know that it is 100 percent mental, I switch mind-gears and the anxiety just melts away.

I call it getting ones POWER back! I lost my power years ago when I was uncomfortable in my skin and had minimal source connect. Then I learned all about the law of attraction and started the “let’s get my power back!” game and all that bad self-mojo disappeared, replaced by a gradual incline of self-love and positive experiences both inwardly and outwardly. Now I just need tiny-pricks of reminders to make sure that I am keeping the ‘power’ turned on (sometimes a storm comes through and knocks the power out, but it always comes back on , eventually! We try to keep our storms to a minimum!)

What are you worrying about, right now? Are you even conscious of it? Maybe, hopefully, you are feeling quite pleasant and joyful! If you are finding that you are worried about something, remind yourself that you are attracting this worry therefore you have the ‘power’ to release it and attract the opposite of that which makes you worry. This takes practice and patience, but start now! Think about that which you WANT! How does it feel to have that wonderful experience…. keep going on that thought and work on attracting more thoughts that bring you a feeling of joy and happiness!!!! Good Luck. Have a great day! Until next time…

From the heart


Silent Inspiration

I saw a man intently jogging this morning. Listening to his personal music through a set of earphones, looking strong and giving off an energy of joy, like he was truly enjoying doing what most would consider tedious. Maybe he was listening to a particularly uplifting song or maybe he was feeling the endorphins run through his system as he exercised his body. Either way, matters not, however, in that brief moment as I was driving my wonderful and sleepy children to school, I noticed him and I actually sat up taller in my seat. I did not sit up taller to be noticed, I sat up taller because he silently inspired me to also take care of myself, improve my posture and respect my own strength. This stranger, whom ever he was, had no idea that he inspired someone else while he was caring for himself. Yet that is what we all do from time to time, without notice. We silently inspire others to lift themselves up, if only for a moment and a moment is all it takes. Here’s to all of you out there silently inspiring the world with your own inner beauty………….. Health and Happiness to all!

Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit,


Manifesting: 101

I should know better! I am trying really hard not to be surprised or frustrated, but sometimes I just feel like screaming…AAHHHHH…. Okay, Here’s the deal. I know that what ever you are concentrating on, you eventually will bring something of the sort, into your own life. Now here is the difference between wanting something with the inner knowledge that you do not have it or in other words, you don’t have the past experience to really relate to what that specific experience, i.e: being a millionaire or winning certain material items or have a romantic evening with a lover, because you have never done any of those to know what it would feel like deep in your heart. Now have you ever had your heart-broken or been without money or found your health to be less than tip-top??? The answer is most likely, yes (unfortunately.) Now I have a terrible habit of listening to others speak about the things that are not going well in their lives, whether it be money, issues with children, or spouse problems, etc. I am incredibly empathic (I’m sorry but I have to consider this a down fall on my character) and being so, I always listen to others intently and with a heart-felt feeling of connection. Bad move on my part. But I do  not want to alienate my co-experiencers, so how does one listen ‘and’ NOT manifest a like experience into ones own life? Everyone who I have gathered my knowledge from always says the same thing, “Change the subject or walk away from a conversation that involves negative energy.” What do you think? Would you think me rude, if I never wanted to listen to you speak about your problems? How would I help you if I can’t listen to you? Is it my ‘job’ to help you? Does it really matter what anyone else thinks? Should I only help those who are experiencing something that I have never experienced before, therefore I can not really ‘feel’ what it is like to be in their situation at all? I know there are many spiritual ways that one can protect themselves from emerging energies, but do I have to do that every moment (which is a lot) that the opportunity arises? I can see why people can become hermits at first when they learn all of this information. Turn the t.v. off, listen to only up beat, positive songs, stay at home and hide! I have already done that and yes, it actually does work, but I am way beyond that now. I still notice, obviously, when I manifest unwanted experiences into my life and when it is brought on by intently listening to others. I guess it is a good thing just to be able to recognize it. If I want the opposite experience I really need to give more time and effort over to ‘that’ wanted experience. And it does take great practice and much patients to concentrate on something that one has never (really) experienced before. Usually we give up to quickly because we aren’t seeing results, but that is only because it takes longer to manifest something that is hard for us to actually and heartfully feel deep inside, when we have never even experienced it before. (And it only takes moments to manifest things that we have previously experienced, because we know exactly how it feels.) The art of manifesting is all in the FEELINGS. So, for now I will chalk up a few loses to being lazy and therefore learning what I do not want and start a new day! Today I will not listen to the negative stuff. Today I will not slip into my empathic ways and indulge in my ego’s negative memories. Today I will look into only that which I desire. Today I will feel GOOD! Today I will forgive myself for being lazy-minded and pamper my spirit! Today I will love my new-found abundances. Today I will remember what it feels like to be stinkin’ rich, have a highly energetic and  healthy body, love with an open-heart, be loved to no end and be completely connected to my source energy!
What are YOU going to do today?

From the heart, always,


P.S.     Actually, if you do not give attention to the negative experiences that others are going through, you are ‘helping’ them, greatly! If you only concentrate on the solution and not the problem, that is the helping part of the equation. There, I just solved my own dilemma. I love talking this stuff out! Now I just need to remember my own advise every single moment of my day, right?? ha,ha….



I read an article in one of my natural awakenings magazines and found it to be quite sharable…so here it is:  Cancer patients that regularly practiced qigong, a 5,000-year-old combination of gentle exercise and meditation, for almost 3 months experienced significantly higher levels of well-being, improved cognitive functioning and less inflammation, compared to a control group. Dr. Byeongsang Oh, a clinical senior lecturer at the University of Sydney Medical School, in Australia, who led the study, says the reduced inflammation in patients that practiced medical qigong, a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was particularly significant.

The project involved 162 patients, aged 31 – 86; those assigned to the medical qigong group undertook a 10-week program of two supervised, 90-minute sessions per week. They were also asked to practice an additional 30 min. at home each day.

When the study began, there were no significant differences in measurements of quality of life, fatigue, mood status and inflammation between the intervention and control groups. However, “Patients that practiced medical qigong experienced significant improvements in quality of life, including greater physical, functional, social and emotional well-being, while the control group deteriorated in all of these areas,” reports Oh.

He remarks that the study is the first such trial to measure the impact of medical qigong in patients with cancer. “Several studies have indicated that chronic inflammation is associated with cancer incidence, progression and even survival,” Oh explains. He presented the findings at a recent American Society of Clinical Oncology conference. (Natural Awakenings: April 2012.)

I think this is so awesome and hope that this information and practice keeps growing all around the world! Peace and Good Health to all of you….

From the Heart always,


To Party or Not to Party, that is the question???

Well I have been gone for a couple of days, not from my home, just from thinking too deeply. Sounds funny, I know, however, every once in a while I like to take a break and test my self and my beliefs. What I really mean is that I do not intentionally try to crash, I just realize it after I have taken a turn on my path. Sticking to what you are trying to do whether it be physical, mental or spiritual development, can be quite trying on one’s EGO. I think of myself as one who gives off an energy of  strength and stability, at least most of the time, but every now and then, I let my hair down and push caution to the wind! I have tons of fun and find myself enjoying my moments quite grandly. On the down side, I also find that my body is tired and what I would call lazy! Now I’m not out clubbing or partying ’till wee hours of the night, just chill’in with my hubs and a friend or two, having some drinks, playing some music (listening to others playing some music) watching late night movies, enjoying a glass of wine (did I already say that?) **** Oh, side note..**** Here is a topic I want to get into some day also, “what effects does ‘Mary-Jane’ (and if you have no idea what I am talking about, then ‘good’, you are obviously too young!) have in regards to our source connect or lack there of..??? ******* Anyway, draining myself with my choices of how I am spending my time, actually can confuse me. Why? because while I am living in the moment having a grand time, not worrying about much of anything (which is exactly what we want to be doing on a daily basis) I end up feeling more detached and foggy-like in the brain. On the flip side – When I choose to, let’s say, stay all put together and keep my hair pinned up, I feel in more control and a bit clearer. Does this make any sense? One might say, well that’s easy… Stay clear of that which dulls the senses and keep pinned up, right? But we all like to have some fun, yet I have seen those who have way too much fun, regularly, and they are quite miserable when they are not partaking in the ‘fun’! I am  not one who chooses that type of path, only because I want to keep my vibration raised and have control over my personal movie of life. So, I just answered my own questions, didn’t I? I do believe this has been one of my struggles for many lifetimes, and that is BALANCE. Balance is the key to a steady and easy life! Practice my deliberate creator methods, including connect with source and feed my body with nutrients and exercise gently and regularly. Have fun with friends and family on the occasions that it will count, while making it a point to sincerely enjoy my time with self and others w/o the need to bring external elements into my experience. Yet, Red Wine is so very yummy, hhmmmm…. I will keep you posted on my efforts! (And just so you know, one glass suites me just fine – I am not consumed with the consumption of anything, I am a Pisces and I know better (we have an addictive personality, bummer!))

P.S. – The main reason for this conversation is that when I am deliberately being very clear minded, body and soul, my intuitive abilities really, really soar… so the things that we put into our bodies (not just our minds) can have a major effect on our self-spiritual connect, and I know this because I test myself and fully recognize all the effects by listening intently to my body. When I eat proper and consume liquids that benefit my physical body and add nutrients that I need and sleep well, then add in meditations and loving thoughts all rolled up into each day…. the effects of my outside world become quite amazing! The universal laws make great sense and things fall into place so nicely and peacefully. It is one of the best and most important processes in regards to body, mind, spirit connect. I am sure that you know many people who treat themselves very negatively (or yourself) with either (or both) physical consumption or mental/emotional stresses and would love nothing more than to see a change for them (or self) in a grand positive way. Every little thing does matter and we also need to learn from all the ‘little’ things that our bodies/source are trying to tell us.  Good Luck and Positive energy to you and yours, always…