With intentions:

I woke up this morning with intentions to have a good day! I don’t always remember to do this, unfortunately. But today I did and you know what??? I had a really good day! I experienced a few tornadoes and calmed all of them down, quickly I might add. I helped a few and separated from (the negative energies of) others. I pictured and hoped for a peaceful evening and was able to manifest it with gratitude. I am paying close attention to my thoughts and I am politely using force to quickly remove the negative ones, while at the same time, holding on to my faith, in regards to the all of my positive thoughts, whether they be old or new (sometimes this is no easy feat.) Holding faith in what is not yet there is an amazing feat, all in its own and I hope that those of you who are working on doing this, appreciate yourselves for the hard work and effort that you put into this area of the process of being a deliberate creator. By the way….. how is the ‘self-love’ homework coming along? Don’t worry, if you were able to even just remember to try to practice it, than “hats off to you, good job!” Anyway, nothing too exciting, just an all in all good day! I certainly hope that some (if not everyone) of you are able to join me tonight with a few of the emotions from the ‘top’ of the emotional ladder… Until next time.. Hugs and smiles……

From the heart,



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