Manifesting: 101

I should know better! I am trying really hard not to be surprised or frustrated, but sometimes I just feel like screaming…AAHHHHH…. Okay, Here’s the deal. I know that what ever you are concentrating on, you eventually will bring something of the sort, into your own life. Now here is the difference between wanting something with the inner knowledge that you do not have it or in other words, you don’t have the past experience to really relate to what that specific experience, i.e: being a millionaire or winning certain material items or have a romantic evening with a lover, because you have never done any of those to know what it would feel like deep in your heart. Now have you ever had your heart-broken or been without money or found your health to be less than tip-top??? The answer is most likely, yes (unfortunately.) Now I have a terrible habit of listening to others speak about the things that are not going well in their lives, whether it be money, issues with children, or spouse problems, etc. I am incredibly empathic (I’m sorry but I have to consider this a down fall on my character) and being so, I always listen to others intently and with a heart-felt feeling of connection. Bad move on my part. But I do  not want to alienate my co-experiencers, so how does one listen ‘and’ NOT manifest a like experience into ones own life? Everyone who I have gathered my knowledge from always says the same thing, “Change the subject or walk away from a conversation that involves negative energy.” What do you think? Would you think me rude, if I never wanted to listen to you speak about your problems? How would I help you if I can’t listen to you? Is it my ‘job’ to help you? Does it really matter what anyone else thinks? Should I only help those who are experiencing something that I have never experienced before, therefore I can not really ‘feel’ what it is like to be in their situation at all? I know there are many spiritual ways that one can protect themselves from emerging energies, but do I have to do that every moment (which is a lot) that the opportunity arises? I can see why people can become hermits at first when they learn all of this information. Turn the t.v. off, listen to only up beat, positive songs, stay at home and hide! I have already done that and yes, it actually does work, but I am way beyond that now. I still notice, obviously, when I manifest unwanted experiences into my life and when it is brought on by intently listening to others. I guess it is a good thing just to be able to recognize it. If I want the opposite experience I really need to give more time and effort over to ‘that’ wanted experience. And it does take great practice and much patients to concentrate on something that one has never (really) experienced before. Usually we give up to quickly because we aren’t seeing results, but that is only because it takes longer to manifest something that is hard for us to actually and heartfully feel deep inside, when we have never even experienced it before. (And it only takes moments to manifest things that we have previously experienced, because we know exactly how it feels.) The art of manifesting is all in the FEELINGS. So, for now I will chalk up a few loses to being lazy and therefore learning what I do not want and start a new day! Today I will not listen to the negative stuff. Today I will not slip into my empathic ways and indulge in my ego’s negative memories. Today I will look into only that which I desire. Today I will feel GOOD! Today I will forgive myself for being lazy-minded and pamper my spirit! Today I will love my new-found abundances. Today I will remember what it feels like to be stinkin’ rich, have a highly energetic and  healthy body, love with an open-heart, be loved to no end and be completely connected to my source energy!
What are YOU going to do today?

From the heart, always,


P.S.     Actually, if you do not give attention to the negative experiences that others are going through, you are ‘helping’ them, greatly! If you only concentrate on the solution and not the problem, that is the helping part of the equation. There, I just solved my own dilemma. I love talking this stuff out! Now I just need to remember my own advise every single moment of my day, right?? ha,ha….

2 comments on “Manifesting: 101

  1. Mmmm, right now I need to seriosly go to bed. But tomorrow……….I am off for a haircut, which I have been asking for, for weeks.
    It would have cost me $80 but have managed to get it for free!
    Oh Yeah! Uh Hu! 😀 x

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