Well, I did it!…

Well, I did it! I manifested a vacation! Woohoo! Tomorrow the family and I leave for Florida to chill and bask in the sun. We’re driving, so wish us luck. This vacation will give me time to meditate and further connect with self. The angels have been yelling at me to take a vacation to develop my intuitive clear-connect. I have been spiritually growing and learning mass amounts of information, while trying to not be overwhelmed. I can’t wait to get back with all of you and really bunker down on all of my healing skills and spread out to those in need. I will try to write while away, but if not, please be patient and I promise to give you all the juicy details upon my return (which is only 10 days!) Feel free to go through my past posts if you need inspiration or help. Think positive and visualize all that you desire. Remember, it’s all on it’s way, just be patient and keep your faith! Hugs and smiles to you all…..

Deep from the heart,


4 comments on “Well, I did it!…

  1. enjoy your vacation!
    do take care….

    • Thanks, J. I just got back last night and had a wonderful time! Lots of spiritual growth. I’m more open and in tune than ever before! How are you? Any life patterns change, yet? Hope so, but be patient and loving with your self. Smiles to you, always.

  2. Make sure you are “expecting” the results that you desire! Go deep inside and play around with your happy-healthy visualizations, the ones that really make you feel excited, excited about having it already and ‘remembering’ what it ‘feels’ like to experience it (remember: your mind doesn’t know if it has really happened or not (physically manifested)) So, indulge and BE JOYFUL, even if only for a moment, at first, than work on growing those moments. You can do it! I have seen it done and you are a very special and powerful energy force.
    Take your power back and you will see results. Love yourself and all things around you. Blessings and smiles to you!!! I’m here if you ever need extra nudging and support on your path.

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