Just a little notice…

I noticed that I was getting bummed about a lack of succession in a new area of my life that involves making money. No surprise when that happens, right? But the initial reason I started this new project in the first place was because I really liked the product and the company’s back ground and moral grounds, etc., therefore I am happy to work a little and actually make some extra pocket change too. I realize now that when ever I let myself start to get off track and get carried away with the wrong side of the coin, or in other words, forget why I wanted to do this in the first place and start concentrating on making money which in turn bums me out when it is going slow or not at all. Why do I do this? Because my ego started taking the lead and I lost my focus. I lost focus on enjoying the moment and the base of the experience! Everything goes down hill when you think ‘everything is starting to slope down hill.’ Funny, but so very real… So, I am excitedly happy when I can step back and realize when this is happening and start fresh again. So, tonight I will sweep away any experiences that I had today that I found to be less then desired, learn from them, and re- get excited about all of my main goals on my path of desired outcomes! Thanks for listening and I will write more tomorrow, when I can….

Always from the heart,



What’s with your EGO??

Many people get very confused when it comes to the word ‘ego’. Why is that? Well, mostly because we have turned the ego into something that is bad. And why did we, as the lovely humans that we are, turn it into something that is frowned upon? Because we do that to most everything! So sad….. Any how, the ego is our basic earthly connection. Our beautiful souls had to connect with something once we entered our shells. And that connect is to our egos. Our egos help us to stay grounded while we are here experiencing all the delicious avenues of life! It also likes to argue and play tricks on our source energy connect. How? Well… all those things in life that you spend time judging, like yourself (The whole “I am not good enough”  bit, that’s your ego.) When you judge the actions of another, that is your ego stepping up to the plate to take a swing. When you are making an internal decision that something is right or something is wrong, that’s the ‘ole ego kicking in.

The ego remembers all the past experiences and knows all the future desires and it uses all that information to keep us on our toes! While your source energy is also all-knowing, the source energy knows much more then your ego would ever admit! Your source energy knows the ‘whole’ truth,  the truths that are behind closed doors. And all your true source energy knows, is LOVE! Your sly ego, also knows love, however, it really likes to have fun with you and loves to push out big helpings of self-doubt and your ego really, really enjoys taking the lead. So, one might say it is kind of like the angel and the devil on our little shoulders. But then you say, “well, the ego is ‘bad’ then, right?” Nope! the ego is needed for our earthly experiences. With out the ego we wouldn’t be able to learn and grow. We would not be able to make decisions on whether we want to experience something again or not experience something again. Our egos make life interesting and different.

We came here to experience diversity and to spiritually grow. If we only know love, which is what our internal source energy knows, how are we able to come ‘down’ in order to know that we like to come ‘up’?

What our goals here should be, is to let our source energy be the leader and the ego be the man in the back, the follower!!! And that, my friend, is what we all struggle with! So, the next time something nasty comes to the front of your mind, understand and remember…. it’s that ego of yours and ask it to take a back seat while you pull up your source energy and let it drive!! I will talk more in regards to this and the like, soon. I will also touch on distinct examples in regards to our wonderful ego and how it sometimes takes the lead and how easy it is to spiral down when it does (of course, I will continue with how to also, make it relax so that you can fulfill your grandest desires.) Until, next time…

From the heart,


Part II… of talking.

I wanted to discuss more on how talking about the things that are bothering us only manifests more of those things that are bothering us. However, many of us out there have a strong belief system in place. (These systems were incorporated into our minds long ago either from past lives or our parents or even those people around us that we seem to allow to infuse their own made up beliefs into our thought patterns, and these beliefs are called ‘false premises.’) When we have a strong belief system in place, we tend to, therefore lean toward the belief that there is  a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’! But really there is only EXPERIENCES and we are not here to judge. Not ourselves, and certainly not others. So, where does that leave us? Well…. that doesn’t leave us anywhere, but LEADS us to or on, a path of choice.

Everyday we have a choice in regards to how we want to perceive any and all situations! If there are no right and wrongs, then we are left with only a decision to be made and that decision is…. “Do I want to keep experiencing this experience or do I want to eliminate this experience from my life path?” Yes, than keep talking about it and love it up with everyone!!! No, than stop right where you are and work on having thoughts that bring the opposite feelings into your body! Talk about a solution to your problem! How can we fix this? What can we do to give ourselves the opposite experience? Do not talk with everyone you know in regards to how bad it is! Talk with everyone you know about how to change it to something positive and wonderful, no matter what ‘it’ may be!

We have to understand that just because someone else lives by a certain belief or rule, it does not mean that it is RIGHT, it just means that it is what they have ‘chosen’ to believe is right. And hey, if there are no right or wrongs, where does that leave them??? It leaves them experiencing what they have chosen to experience in a way that they have chosen to perceive that experience.

It is time to change your belief system, if your belief system is not working for YOU!

Remember….. A belief is just a thought that we keep thinking over and over again, until we make it true.  I will discuss more on this subject next time and I want to go over what an actual EGO is, in the spiritual sense. I hope that this is helping some of you to take charge and change that which you would like to change on your life paths. My heart is with you all, in your endeavours to make positive changes and live the lives that you so desire! Until next time…

From the heart, always,


What in the world are you talkin’ about?


This week I really wanted to focus on how much we talk about our life experiences with those around us (or on-line!) Think about it. How many times already today have you called a friend or ‘blogged’ about what is going on in your mind and in your life? I bet the number is up there. And how many times have you thought about calling another person, right after you hung up with the last one, to spill your guts? The cycle is usually, never-ending! We feel a huge need to connect and converse with all other living beings in order to feel needed and part of something. Our egos urge us on at every turn to take our experiences and share them with all others, so that we can make a reason to connect with another.

What happens, do you think, when we are in the process of trying to change our life experience? What happens when we are really trying to take control and utilize the law of attraction? What happens when we experience something that we absolutely detest and want nothing more than to eliminate such an experience from our here and now?

What usually happens is that our lovely ego urges us to call every one that we know and vent about how awful, once again, such an experience was for us! And what precedes to happen is that all the energy that we just put into our venting has grown bigger and will continue to grow bigger, until we learn to keep our big traps shut!! (Because  now we are continuing to manifest exactly that which we just ranted about hating!!! Funny huh?)

Want to STOP manifesting experiences that you do ‘not’ want into your life? Yes? Well, it is easy……..

Just STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! And as hard as this is for all of you….. blogging is included, I am so sorry to inform this to those of you who have blogs that you invest most of your time into, that involve negative, yet very meaningful, information. However, if it is a subject that you want to change, well….. than you must eliminate that subject from your everyday thoughts!


I hope this information is the start of some wonderful change in your lives. I will discuss more on this subject later. Until next time… all my best to you all.

From the heart,


Appreciate it today!

Make sure that you are making the best of what you have now (experiences, people, material goods) while you are preparing and practicing the ‘Law of Attraction’! We can not receive that which we desire for ourselves, while carrying the feelings of disappointment for what we have manifested in our lives this far! Pay attention to how you are feeling at all moments. Hoping that your desires will manifest will only hold them away. While hope helps us to get out of the bottom of the emotional ladder, it still holds us back from true desired manifestations. Why? Because when we are hoping for something it says that we do ‘not’ yet have it, therefor we need to expect it and know it with faith and solid excitement as if we already have experienced ‘it’ in the past and the present. If we keep holding our beloved ideas in the future, well… in the future it will stay!!! Love it all, now! Have a fantastic and restful night. Until next time…

From the Heart,


Annoyed with being Annoyed?

When we feel annoyed it is our source energies way of telling us that we are experiencing a negative thought. People often push this one under the rug because it happens so very often and with little energy. How many times a day are you truly annoyed? Ten, twenty, a hundred? What is happening is that in that moment we are finding our surrounding environment and the  co-experiencers to be that which we do not want or desire. We want them or it, to change so that we will no longer be annoyed. However, the universal laws do not work that way. We need to find peace inside of us in order to experience a peaceful environment!

Being annoyed is probably one of the most experienced feelings that we humans have. How annoying, right? ha, ha… Well, only you can change that and I have to say, if you want the little annoyances to go away, you will need to recognize when that feeling is erupting from your inner body and catch it quick! Know that your source energy you is trying to warn you that you are closing your desired manifestation door. That is where all of your goodies are hiding and waiting for you to RELAX, so that it all can be delivered to you!

Another words, please just RELAX and understand that each moment is attracted by you and your other co-experiencers, so that you and they, may learn from it. Do you want this experience?

Also, I have really been working on how to handle my own little annoyances with a lighter heart. Let me give you an example: I hate or should I say really do not enjoy… letting my 200 pound American Mastiff in the house when the yard has experienced rain or other moisture. Why? Because I have to wipe his enormous paws! Now he isn’t any real trouble, he just stands there and lets me do it, but for some reason I will put it off as long as possible and then find myself arguing with him and spatting off negative comments the whole time! Does that seem fair to my dog? No. So I have vowed to take a different approach. When he needs to come in, I will force myself (it will not take long before it will become 2nd nature) to think pleasant and loving thoughts about him and understand that he doesn’t enjoy the process either, yet he stands there, patiently, waiting for me to finish and allow him to run through the house, the least I can do is respect him!

This process is also called compassion. I (you) do not have to love what is happening or agree with what is making you annoyed, just have a bit of compassion for each experience and you will find that your vibration will rise and your door will remain (or become) open!! Good Luck and be proud of yourself for all your efforts, each and every day!

Smiles to all,


Your Job for the Day!

This following practice will help you to raise your vibration. The higher your vibration is, the more open your door will be to manifest that which you desire! The highest vibration is one of pure love.


Try this exercise for one whole day (and then 2 days and so on..)

Every single time that you come in contact with another being, I want you to find something nice/positive about them. What if you normally do not like that person? Find something positive about them. It can be physical (nice nose, nice legs, healthy hair, etc.) or it can be related to personality (friendly, polite, always smiles, smart, quick witted, etc.) Be creative and you will watch the transformation in your reality! At first this may seem like a difficult exercise, but that is how everything starts out and before you know it you will find that it will be first nature. Make sure that you are saying the chosen positive words either out loud or in your mind. Repeat the words 2 times, so that the energy is really profound and elevated!

Good Luck and Keep up the good self-work!!! Until next time…. Smiles and blessings to all.

From the Heart,