Annoyed with being Annoyed?

When we feel annoyed it is our source energies way of telling us that we are experiencing a negative thought. People often push this one under the rug because it happens so very often and with little energy. How many times a day are you truly annoyed? Ten, twenty, a hundred? What is happening is that in that moment we are finding our surrounding environment and the  co-experiencers to be that which we do not want or desire. We want them or it, to change so that we will no longer be annoyed. However, the universal laws do not work that way. We need to find peace inside of us in order to experience a peaceful environment!

Being annoyed is probably one of the most experienced feelings that we humans have. How annoying, right? ha, ha… Well, only you can change that and I have to say, if you want the little annoyances to go away, you will need to recognize when that feeling is erupting from your inner body and catch it quick! Know that your source energy you is trying to warn you that you are closing your desired manifestation door. That is where all of your goodies are hiding and waiting for you to RELAX, so that it all can be delivered to you!

Another words, please just RELAX and understand that each moment is attracted by you and your other co-experiencers, so that you and they, may learn from it. Do you want this experience?

Also, I have really been working on how to handle my own little annoyances with a lighter heart. Let me give you an example: I hate or should I say really do not enjoy… letting my 200 pound American Mastiff in the house when the yard has experienced rain or other moisture. Why? Because I have to wipe his enormous paws! Now he isn’t any real trouble, he just stands there and lets me do it, but for some reason I will put it off as long as possible and then find myself arguing with him and spatting off negative comments the whole time! Does that seem fair to my dog? No. So I have vowed to take a different approach. When he needs to come in, I will force myself (it will not take long before it will become 2nd nature) to think pleasant and loving thoughts about him and understand that he doesn’t enjoy the process either, yet he stands there, patiently, waiting for me to finish and allow him to run through the house, the least I can do is respect him!

This process is also called compassion. I (you) do not have to love what is happening or agree with what is making you annoyed, just have a bit of compassion for each experience and you will find that your vibration will rise and your door will remain (or become) open!! Good Luck and be proud of yourself for all your efforts, each and every day!

Smiles to all,


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