What in the world are you talkin’ about?


This week I really wanted to focus on how much we talk about our life experiences with those around us (or on-line!) Think about it. How many times already today have you called a friend or ‘blogged’ about what is going on in your mind and in your life? I bet the number is up there. And how many times have you thought about calling another person, right after you hung up with the last one, to spill your guts? The cycle is usually, never-ending! We feel a huge need to connect and converse with all other living beings in order to feel needed and part of something. Our egos urge us on at every turn to take our experiences and share them with all others, so that we can make a reason to connect with another.

What happens, do you think, when we are in the process of trying to change our life experience? What happens when we are really trying to take control and utilize the law of attraction? What happens when we experience something that we absolutely detest and want nothing more than to eliminate such an experience from our here and now?

What usually happens is that our lovely ego urges us to call every one that we know and vent about how awful, once again, such an experience was for us! And what precedes to happen is that all the energy that we just put into our venting has grown bigger and will continue to grow bigger, until we learn to keep our big traps shut!! (Because  now we are continuing to manifest exactly that which we just ranted about hating!!! Funny huh?)

Want to STOP manifesting experiences that you do ‘not’ want into your life? Yes? Well, it is easy……..

Just STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! And as hard as this is for all of you….. blogging is included, I am so sorry to inform this to those of you who have blogs that you invest most of your time into, that involve negative, yet very meaningful, information. However, if it is a subject that you want to change, well….. than you must eliminate that subject from your everyday thoughts!


I hope this information is the start of some wonderful change in your lives. I will discuss more on this subject later. Until next time… all my best to you all.

From the heart,


2 comments on “What in the world are you talkin’ about?

  1. Andrew says:

    So no more blogging about drunken bike rides? Fine….

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