Part II… of talking.

I wanted to discuss more on how talking about the things that are bothering us only manifests more of those things that are bothering us. However, many of us out there have a strong belief system in place. (These systems were incorporated into our minds long ago either from past lives or our parents or even those people around us that we seem to allow to infuse their own made up beliefs into our thought patterns, and these beliefs are called ‘false premises.’) When we have a strong belief system in place, we tend to, therefore lean toward the belief that there is  a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’! But really there is only EXPERIENCES and we are not here to judge. Not ourselves, and certainly not others. So, where does that leave us? Well…. that doesn’t leave us anywhere, but LEADS us to or on, a path of choice.

Everyday we have a choice in regards to how we want to perceive any and all situations! If there are no right and wrongs, then we are left with only a decision to be made and that decision is…. “Do I want to keep experiencing this experience or do I want to eliminate this experience from my life path?” Yes, than keep talking about it and love it up with everyone!!! No, than stop right where you are and work on having thoughts that bring the opposite feelings into your body! Talk about a solution to your problem! How can we fix this? What can we do to give ourselves the opposite experience? Do not talk with everyone you know in regards to how bad it is! Talk with everyone you know about how to change it to something positive and wonderful, no matter what ‘it’ may be!

We have to understand that just because someone else lives by a certain belief or rule, it does not mean that it is RIGHT, it just means that it is what they have ‘chosen’ to believe is right. And hey, if there are no right or wrongs, where does that leave them??? It leaves them experiencing what they have chosen to experience in a way that they have chosen to perceive that experience.

It is time to change your belief system, if your belief system is not working for YOU!

Remember….. A belief is just a thought that we keep thinking over and over again, until we make it true.  I will discuss more on this subject next time and I want to go over what an actual EGO is, in the spiritual sense. I hope that this is helping some of you to take charge and change that which you would like to change on your life paths. My heart is with you all, in your endeavours to make positive changes and live the lives that you so desire! Until next time…

From the heart, always,


2 comments on “Part II… of talking.

  1. faking40at50 says:

    love this life changing information. I have to reread and retrain my thoughts/ This comes natural to u. Keep helping us so that it is second nature too

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! I needed it this morning… got a little lost in old habits/lessons that were coming through. Anyway, I will keep up and I hope your day is a wonderful, positive one!

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