STOP! Just for tonight…

STOP! Stop just for the rest of the night. Stop thinking all about that which is making you feel ill. Stop worrying about ‘stuff’. Stop worrying about other people. REST! Rest your mind. Rest your body from the tension that you mentally are making. Rest your soul. Just for tonight. The thoughts can resume tomorrow. But tonight it’s all about making peace with self. Actually taking a moment to say “I love you” to yourself. “I respect you” to yourself. If you can care for things and people in the rest of the world than you sure as heck can care for yourself for one night!!!

Peace, Love and Happiness to you.

From the heart,



I’m Baaaack!


Hello, world! I just got back from my amazing vacation! It’s fabulous what the ocean water and soft warm sand can do for a woman’s soul! I am more open than ever with an amazing source connect! I am quicker to see things that are transpiring and feel a real sense of emotional ease. My goal is to keep this balance and continue to focus and hone in on my gifts.

I have to get my here and now life together, today. You know, theĀ  basics, grocery shop, clean up messes. Prepare the children for school and prepare myself for daily life.

I will be also adding something new to my menu. While I was vacationing on the Atlantic Ocean, I came across many stunning organic black oyster shells, all in their true natural, beautiful and unique shape. I felt such an earthly connection to these amazing pieces that I have decided to attach them (all in their natural state) to a necklace and after being fully blessed, I will have them up for sale, so that all of you can enjoy their beauty and blessings that they each, individually hold!

Shells are interpreted as meaning artistic ability, change of consciousness, emotional stability, the goddess, good fortune in relationships, good news, good outcome in legal matters, happiness near water, luck, money, rebirth, safe return, spiritual awareness.

I will keep you posted! Have a wonderful day full of many positive blessings! I will continue my vacation stories and more soon. Smiles and Hugs to all….

From the heart,