Appreciate This and Raise Your Vibration!

You know what’s really awesome?…

When you are driving down the road and you see a small muddy turtle slowly crossing the bumpy and quite long gravel road. In your mind you wonder, does he even know that in a matter of moments a huge alien vehicle will come zooming by, completely unaware of his little body swaying leg by leg toward the pond on the other side and well.. you know the completion of this sentence. Living in the country, this scenario happens all the time, so my children and I have made it a mission to try to save every turtle that we can from such destruction. Why? Because that is just what you do when you have a car full of small children and have witnessed the enlightened joy in their souls after such an event! So, we stop, my oldest jumps out (after mommy had deemed it safe), runs to the little (or sometimes big) sweet creature and lifts it to safety, just in time I might add because it never fails that a car or two has had to stop and also witness this beautiful, yet simple display of child-like love and appreciation for life. After he jumps back in the car, all of the kids full of excitement and new positive energy, we talk about it for a moment or two and off we go to our original destination!

This is one of life’s awesome little moments that was created to be appreciated and therefore raise our vibrations to a higher level. Do not forget to keep your eyes and hearts open for such experiences in your daily lives! Until next time…..

From the heart,


One comment on “Appreciate This and Raise Your Vibration!

  1. Diovalda says:

    i like your post. great stuff and new ideas. so keep it up.

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