Simple Reminder…

Well, we all know how I like to keep things simple. Simplicity makes our minds run clearer and therefore we can prioritize our beloved desires with greater strength and intent.  I wanted to remind ourselves about how our words affect our outcomes in life experiences. Sometimes we get carried away with negative wording in our discussions with others or even just ourselves. Each word is made up of energy and that energy is set lose to latch on to our beings and change our molecular structure. So the next time the horrible negative word slips right out of your, I am sure, well intended mind… catch it! Catch it and replace it with a word or words that will leave an  intelligent and positive energetic  mark on ourselves  and those around us (or even those that are not physically around us – if the words were intended or about that person.) This practice is very important if you are looking to change your reality to something desired and positive. Words change everything, so change your words if you need to. And do not be afraid to apologize to your loved ones and any others around you when you loose control of your tongue, because we can reverse those negative shaped molecules to positive ones with a kind and loving filled apology, and it also teaches those around us how to take control and be empowered, therefore creating a wonderful atmosphere for all! Good luck and positive energy to all…. Until next time…

From the heart,


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