Need 6 willing participants….

Are you or a loved one interested in changing to be a healthier ‘you’? Maybe you want to look younger and feel younger? Have added energy? Are you interested in changing your home to an environment that’s sparkling clean with green health and or helping mother earth? Saving money is definitely involved along with the possibility (if interested or needed) to actually make money, if that is an avenue that you also want to get involved with.

One hour of scheduled time is needed to relax and grow with knowledge (& a phone and computer.) — Interested?? Please comment back or email me. You will be so happy that you did!


Self Love and Fitness

Do yourself a favor today… take just 3 minutes (put on a timer if you must) and mentally go through your ‘whole’ body then actually – physically, STRETCH each part of your body. Fingers, toes, legs, wrists, ankles, arms, shoulders, stomach area, neck, face, ears, hips, thighs, jaw, chest …. I’m not talking split in half, just give everything a once over loving tug, to say “I know you are here and I appreciate you.” If you can not physically move then please, take a moment to visualize gentle movement with love and intention. Your body will say ‘thank you’ by releasing endorphins and other wonderful hormones.

Thank you for ‘loving yourself’ today because it not only helps you, it helps the world. Remember – we are all energy and we are all connected.

With appreciation and love,