I know..it ‘is’ so hard to forgive…

So the other day I was very annoyed at a few people who I am sharing my life experiences with at this time and I certainly did not enjoy the awful feelings that were running through my veins! I was having a little battle with myself at the same time, because that is just what I do when I know that I am thinking thoughts that are clearly not beneficial! It doesn’t really matter now, what the topic of irritation was, for at the time it surely had a hold on me. Thankfully the hold didn’t last long, it never really does with me due to the fact that I pay specific attention to my emotions, however, I never like to think any thoughts that make me fall down on the ladder. So, anyway the big question is… how did I get over it, right?

First one has to realize that the negative feelings are 100% only hurting ones self! No body else cares or knows what you are even thinking/feeling in the first place. Most of the time we are all just silently bubbling on the inside, while those around us cruise around completely unaware! Second, one has to ask, why am I hurting myself with these thoughts? (Oh, yeah.. back to the perfectly good reason to be irritated!! That person did that to me!!…) Now we are rightfully upset again because we have gone and made a mind circle back to feeling negative. This is all part of the process. You need to know why you are feeling negative so that you can release it! Following this exercise, what is needed is…… Forgiveness. And do you know why one needs to forgive? It is not to make the other person feel better (s*&#…. they don’t even know you have feelings!) We have to do it for ourselves! It is a gift to self when we forgive another! Toxic chemicals get released into our physical bodies when we are thinking negative thoughts. You can not heal yourself when you are holding a grudge! Forgive someone today because they are on their own life journey and you my friend, are on yours! Make it a great one full of blissful moments. We all have to live our own experiences. Perception is all that it is! Perceive it in a wonderful way, no matter what you created in your mind yesterday, that you are experiencing now! Forgive him or her for allowing their energies to blend with yours at a time when you did not want them to and then forgive yourself for allowing any negatives in! Good Luck and positive thoughts to you and yours… Until next time…

From the heart,


The not so secret, secret to abundance…

The secret is quite easy, really! Just appreciate what you have today!

What have you appreciated today?

Go ahead, make a list of all the wonderful things and experiences in your life! Having a hard time? Look away for a moment. What do you see going on around you? There is always someone having a more difficult experience in life! Only glance at them long enough to make a quick mental note then switch your mind gears back to yourself. Now… what do you have to appreciate about your own journey? Practice looking at the beauty that is within your world! The better you get at this, the more abundance will follow!

What a great wayt to start!


Take a deep breath in for a count of 4 (picturing the numbers in your head as you count them out.) Hold that breath for another count of 4. Exhale for a count of 4. Hold that for a count of 4. Begin again. (You may also count backwards as you do this 4,3,2,1.) Take time to do this mediation for about 5 minutes until you can breath naturally and still have your mind relax. Then breath in and out the colors of the rainbow for another 10 minutes and congratulate yourself because you just meditated for a total of 15 minutes! Try this once a day and as you give your brain and body a break you will feel so much better about your day or situations that you have created! Good Luck and positive energy to you!

Appreciate this..to raise your vibration, today!

You know what’s really awesome?….

When you are scurrying around, your insides filled with anxiety, your mind filled with pictures and moments that involve another, and while the wheels are turning and your body is reacting, you suddenly stop. You stop and actually realize that you are allowing your self to follow each thought filled lead to another matching thought and another, and you have put yourself in a state of worry-filled emotions over something that doesn’t even involve you. You understand that you are letting your ego lead you, lead you to actually worry about what another person is going to think or may be thinking at that very moment and because you know that we make up in our minds what another may be feeling or thinking (because we do NOT know), you suddenly just STOP. You release your imaginary hook that another has put on you and take a big fresh gulp of air, a smile rounds your beautiful face, your anxiety falls away, you look around at what it is that you are doing and start to pay attention to your surroundings, grounding yourself in the moment. You feel an intoxicating sense of self-love.

Ahhhh…. now that’s really awesome!

Best thoughts to you on this fine day.

From the heart,


Experiencing moments to appreciate therefore raising your vibration!

You know what’s really awesome?…

When you take an extremely hot shower, the steam filling the air all around you, your body in a warm meditative state, as your blood pressure drops and your body gets heavy, the moment arises to make a choice to continue this grand self indulging experience or stop it before you pass out from the marvelous heat, when just out of no where, the curtain peels open slightly and allows a wonderful, cooling breeze to enter, gently flowing across your glistening face, relieving you of any discomfort. You take a deep, refreshing breath in and enjoy the magnificent Yin and Yang of cool air and hot water.

Ahhh…… now that’s really awesome.

Enjoy your moment and take time to notice all your blessings.

From the heart,



Boy oh boy, this world is full of worry-warts! Everywhere I go, I hear someone mouthing off about how worried they are about this and that! I want nothing more than to grab their fleshy cheeks and look them right in their glassy eyeballs and sternly say “Stop worrying about everything and nothing will happen!!” But instead I just have a small, silent conversation with their higher-self and ask for their help and guidance in leading this person to a peaceful place where they can let all their worry’s go and hold an attitude of joyful gratitude.

I remember when I first learned how bad it was for me to worry about anything. At the time I was taking some medication for panic attacks. Anybody who knows me now would be shocked to hear that! I am so relaxed now and I have taken complete control over my emotions and therefore my outcome of life experiences. I didn’t know then that I was actually making my panic attacks by my thoughts and how fast a thought can snowball into another related thought…. ICKK! I sometimes run off course, even now, and quickly feel that nervous feeling (the ones that used to run right into a full-blown attack) but now that I know that it is 100 percent mental, I switch mind-gears and the anxiety just melts away.

I call it getting ones POWER back! I lost my power years ago when I was uncomfortable in my skin and had minimal source connect. Then I learned all about the law of attraction and started the “let’s get my power back!” game and all that bad self-mojo disappeared, replaced by a gradual incline of self-love and positive experiences both inwardly and outwardly. Now I just need tiny-pricks of reminders to make sure that I am keeping the ‘power’ turned on (sometimes a storm comes through and knocks the power out, but it always comes back on , eventually! We try to keep our storms to a minimum!)

What are you worrying about, right now? Are you even conscious of it? Maybe, hopefully, you are feeling quite pleasant and joyful! If you are finding that you are worried about something, remind yourself that you are attracting this worry therefore you have the ‘power’ to release it and attract the opposite of that which makes you worry. This takes practice and patience, but start now! Think about that which you WANT! How does it feel to have that wonderful experience…. keep going on that thought and work on attracting more thoughts that bring you a feeling of joy and happiness!!!! Good Luck. Have a great day! Until next time…

From the heart