“You want to be happier? Then be nicer to others and yourself!”


A wink of appreciation…

I am sleepy. I was up all night. No good reason. Just awake.

Now I am trying to train my mind to behave in a manner of someone that had a solid 8 hours of good sleep. Ha! So… something to appreciate today? Hmmm…. normally a snap.

Today I will appreciate the moments of calm silence. The moments that you watch others around you with OUT a word or energetic blending. It’s a silence of the body,mind and spirit. I guess it is a tired numbness but sometimes it works in a way that lets your soul rest if only for a few moments.

I have been so non stop lately, that I haven’t written as much as I would like. I will try to pick it up a little bit and do my best to help others on their journeys. Best wishes to all. Until next time…

From the heart,


Just a little notice…

I noticed that I was getting bummed about a lack of succession in a new area of my life that involves making money. No surprise when that happens, right? But the initial reason I started this new project in the first place was because I really liked the product and the company’s back ground and moral grounds, etc., therefore I am happy to work a little and actually make some extra pocket change too. I realize now that when ever I let myself start to get off track and get carried away with the wrong side of the coin, or in other words, forget why I wanted to do this in the first place and start concentrating on making money which in turn bums me out when it is going slow or not at all. Why do I do this? Because my ego started taking the lead and I lost my focus. I lost focus on enjoying the moment and the base of the experience! Everything goes down hill when you think ‘everything is starting to slope down hill.’ Funny, but so very real… So, I am excitedly happy when I can step back and realize when this is happening and start fresh again. So, tonight I will sweep away any experiences that I had today that I found to be less then desired, learn from them, and re- get excited about all of my main goals on my path of desired outcomes! Thanks for listening and I will write more tomorrow, when I can….

Always from the heart,


Appreciate it today!

Make sure that you are making the best of what you have now (experiences, people, material goods) while you are preparing and practicing the ‘Law of Attraction’! We can not receive that which we desire for ourselves, while carrying the feelings of disappointment for what we have manifested in our lives this far! Pay attention to how you are feeling at all moments. Hoping that your desires will manifest will only hold them away. While hope helps us to get out of the bottom of the emotional ladder, it still holds us back from true desired manifestations. Why? Because when we are hoping for something it says that we do ‘not’ yet have it, therefor we need to expect it and know it with faith and solid excitement as if we already have experienced ‘it’ in the past and the present. If we keep holding our beloved ideas in the future, well… in the future it will stay!!! Love it all, now! Have a fantastic and restful night. Until next time…

From the Heart,


STOP! Just for tonight…

STOP! Stop just for the rest of the night. Stop thinking all about that which is making you feel ill. Stop worrying about ‘stuff’. Stop worrying about other people. REST! Rest your mind. Rest your body from the tension that you mentally are making. Rest your soul. Just for tonight. The thoughts can resume tomorrow. But tonight it’s all about making peace with self. Actually taking a moment to say “I love you” to yourself. “I respect you” to yourself. If you can care for things and people in the rest of the world than you sure as heck can care for yourself for one night!!!

Peace, Love and Happiness to you.

From the heart,


I’m Baaaack!


Hello, world! I just got back from my amazing vacation! It’s fabulous what the ocean water and soft warm sand can do for a woman’s soul! I am more open than ever with an amazing source connect! I am quicker to see things that are transpiring and feel a real sense of emotional ease. My goal is to keep this balance and continue to focus and hone in on my gifts.

I have to get my here and now life together, today. You know, theĀ  basics, grocery shop, clean up messes. Prepare the children for school and prepare myself for daily life.

I will be also adding something new to my menu. While I was vacationing on the Atlantic Ocean, I came across many stunning organic black oyster shells, all in their true natural, beautiful and unique shape. I felt such an earthly connection to these amazing pieces that I have decided to attach them (all in their natural state) to a necklace and after being fully blessed, I will have them up for sale, so that all of you can enjoy their beauty and blessings that they each, individually hold!

Shells are interpreted as meaning artistic ability, change of consciousness, emotional stability, the goddess, good fortune in relationships, good news, good outcome in legal matters, happiness near water, luck, money, rebirth, safe return, spiritual awareness.

I will keep you posted! Have a wonderful day full of many positive blessings! I will continue my vacation stories and more soon. Smiles and Hugs to all….

From the heart,


Well, I did it!…

Well, I did it! I manifested a vacation! Woohoo! Tomorrow the family and I leave for Florida to chill and bask in the sun. We’re driving, so wish us luck. This vacation will give me time to meditate and further connect with self. The angels have been yelling at me to take a vacation to develop my intuitive clear-connect. I have been spiritually growing and learning mass amounts of information, while trying to not be overwhelmed. I can’t wait to get back with all of you and really bunker down on all of my healing skills and spread out to those in need. I will try to write while away, but if not, please be patient and I promise to give you all the juicy details upon my return (which is only 10 days!) Feel free to go through my past posts if you need inspiration or help. Think positive and visualize all that you desire. Remember, it’s all on it’s way, just be patient and keep your faith! Hugs and smiles to you all…..

Deep from the heart,