I feel that in order to serve my audience better I need to have a few lessons on the basics of THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Some new visitors may need a little help in understanding what I am talking about in order to follow along with the future blogging discussions.

Therefor in the following I will break down the major basics and as always if you have deeper questions please leave me a comment or if you feel it is too personal you may email me at at anytime!

  1. We are all made up of energy including our conscious thoughts.
  2. Our energy is magnetized and like magnets our thoughts attract other like thoughts the same as a magnet would to a piece of metal.
  3. Positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts just as negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts.
  4. Our thoughts are what manifest our reality!
  5. Do we have to monitor our thoughts? No, at least not in the beginning.
  6. We were born with a wonderful gift from GOD (are divinity, oneness, spirit, source energy,soul, etc.) This gift is called our EMOTIONS.
  7. Our emotions or feelings tell us when we are thinking negative thoughts or positive thoughts, therefor attracting negative/positive experiences into our reality.

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