Moving up on your emotional ladder

In order to move up on your emotional ladder you first need to pay attention to how you are feeling. Once you have recognized your emotion, what are you thinking about? Recognize your thoughts and now it is time to focus on directing your visions toward something that will slowly raise you up on your ladder. Example:

You are feeling Disappointment because you are having a gathering and no one has shown up. You are having many thoughts of self doubt, like no one likes you, you’re not important to others, you worked so hard to put it all together and are unappreciated…. Your stomach now hurts and your heart aches, how are you going to stop feeling this way when all you can think about are things that hurt you more? First pay attention to your gut  and recognize what it is telling you. It is saying that you are not loving yourself and will be attracting more experiences that will be giving you the same emotions! You do NOT want to be having these same emotions. They feel bad. You want to feel good, but the experience that you are looking at, is not changing, so how can you change your emotions? First of all you attracted this experience through your past thoughts/emotions. I know it is easier to blame others, however WE ALL MAKE OUR OWN WORLD AND IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTROL ANYBODY ELSE BUT YOURSELF (If this confuses you, please feel free to contact me and I would love to discuss this in depth.) All right you know you need to climb up that ladder before all hell brakes loose and you have a negative snowball effect! First you need to understand that there is no blame, just experiences and all experiences are viewed through the eyes of the beholder. Another words you see that which you want to see and everyone sees something different (even while in the exact same scene, your view point will always be different then the others around you.) Now it is time to CHANGE your view! You already moved up to frustration, that’s good, now that your here let’s go to boredom because that’s better and feels a little lighter. So you except the change in plans, no one is to blame, there is no right or wrong (another big discussion I will have in the future), You have the house to yourself for the first time in a while. a bath and a glass of wine? Maybe you have been wanting to meditate for a while. Maybe, just maybe, this alone moment was divinely ordered? Feel a little better now? If you can, keep going on to better and better thoughts and visions. If that is where you stop at for now, then pat yourself on the back at where you are. You just stopped the negative process and opened your doors to more positive future experiences.

It can be a slow process but if you can just stop, stand back and view your situation from outside of the eye of the tornado, you may see some good in your situation, or at least teach yourself how to calm down and take charge of your life experiences.

This practice is a moment to moment one and it does get easier. I will continue to discuss more on this issue and others that relate in the near future.

Questions? You can either comment on my comment section or email me at

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