Just another ‘great’ to appreciate!

There are so so so many things that we do, are, and experience that we fail to appreciate! I am for sure a glass is half full kinda girl, however even being so, I can find myself in a state of gloom. And I will also find myself in a huge state of irritation when my oldest cheerfully reminds me to “Think positive, mom! Change your energy and be happy so that you can attract happier stuff, mom!” It’s like he is reading my heart which is screaming the very same thing at me. The irritation is not really at him of course, it is at me for feeling negative in the very first place. Also, it then brings me great (and I mean great) relief and joy to realize that he is actually listening to me when I try to teach him how to make his life path a joy filled one! And that is an awesome gift as a parent. Following such far and few between episodes, I relax and cheer up as I do change my mind-set and move on to higher energy fields, and gather, once again, another ‘thing’ to appreciate!

So, today… I appreciate being a parent. Sometimes it is quite exhausting, but moments like above, it is a radiant blessing to watch our little ones grow and blossom into strong individuals. We spend our days in small panics, worrying if they will turn out okay. Will they listen to us when we tell them to not do harmful things to themselves and to be smart and patient??? Who knows. However, I do know that worry only brings on situations that will make me worry, so I choose to think of all the wonderful and amazing experiences that they will have throughout their journeys. I am ever so grateful to be a parent (even those times when my husband and I can not find a babysitter, ha ha.) Teaching is an honor and we as parents are ‘teachers’! Lead by example.

Until next time….. Love and Joy to all……


Just walkin’ around…

What are you thinking about, when you’re just walking around, throughout your day? Say it’s a Sunday and you get to be home from your normal days of rushing around, working, what will you do? Hmmm, it’s been a while since you had a moment to do nothing and everything at the same time. And then there it goes, suddenly. Your imagination, your ramped thoughts go forward and backwards, double time. Where are they going? Are you even paying attention? Are you following your thoughts or are your thoughts following you? What’s the difference? Well, the difference is, that when we are following our thoughts that means we are letting them lead our path and when our thoughts are following us, that means ‘we’ are leading them.

How is your path looking? How are you feeling? Pay attention to your mood. Are you fussing and worrying about all the things that need to be done? Do you feel a sense of anxiety? Are you wandering around your home looking at all the things that you wish to change? Finding yourself annoyed with your co-experiencers or other surroundings? If any of this rings true, you are ‘not’ leading your thoughts! Stop, and take a breath. Re-focus your intentions. What is it that you actually want? Change your perception of your current situation to one that makes you feel good and APPRECIATE what you are finding in front of you! Yes, this takes some work and it may seem like more work than the opposite of just aimlessly running around in a negative cloud, seeing the down side of everything, but you will not change a single thing to positive if you continue to do this! Work your mind a little, pretend it is just a game, a game that you really want to win and win big! So, pay attention and start taking the lead, now, while you are living! I found myself fretting at the beginning of my Sunday and it took me a while to realize what I was doing, by how I was feeling. I was looking at myself and my surrounding s in a negative light, and I pinched that thought off and decided to start with a major search on all the things that I was taking for granted and concentrate on ways to appreciate those things and then it snowballed to more things and people and experiences to feel positive about. Suddenly life was not overwhelming and the things that were so annoying a minute ago, were not so important to zone my attention in on. It took a little work, yes, but I want to have a life that is full of as many positive and loving experiences as I can make possible, so… my life is good and a little work goes a loooonnnggg way! Until next time, best wishes and positive energy to you…..

From the heart,


Experiencing moments to appreciate therefore raising your vibration!

You know what’s really awesome?…

When you take an extremely hot shower, the steam filling the air all around you, your body in a warm meditative state, as your blood pressure drops and your body gets heavy, the moment arises to make a choice to continue this grand self indulging experience or stop it before you pass out from the marvelous heat, when just out of no where, the curtain peels open slightly and allows a wonderful, cooling breeze to enter, gently flowing across your glistening face, relieving you of any discomfort. You take a deep, refreshing breath in and enjoy the magnificent Yin and Yang of cool air and hot water.

Ahhh…… now that’s really awesome.

Enjoy your moment and take time to notice all your blessings.

From the heart,


Appreciate it today!

Make sure that you are making the best of what you have now (experiences, people, material goods) while you are preparing and practicing the ‘Law of Attraction’! We can not receive that which we desire for ourselves, while carrying the feelings of disappointment for what we have manifested in our lives this far! Pay attention to how you are feeling at all moments. Hoping that your desires will manifest will only hold them away. While hope helps us to get out of the bottom of the emotional ladder, it still holds us back from true desired manifestations. Why? Because when we are hoping for something it says that we do ‘not’ yet have it, therefor we need to expect it and know it with faith and solid excitement as if we already have experienced ‘it’ in the past and the present. If we keep holding our beloved ideas in the future, well… in the future it will stay!!! Love it all, now! Have a fantastic and restful night. Until next time…

From the Heart,


Appreciate this!

When do we stop appreciating something? Why do we stop appreciating something? I was thinking about this the other day when the air turned warm and the sun was shinning brightly.

I live in Michigan and it is March which means it could be winter or it could be summer! Right now it is more summer and everyone is crawling out of hibernation, looking around at their yards like the ground is foreign land. It’s wonderful!

For most people, the glass is 1/2 full – meaning that they are enjoying the new scenery. For others, the glass is 1/2 empty – meaning that they are seeing that they have a lot of work to do in regards to spring clean up and outside house work that has laid dormant for months. Which am I? I would like to say that I am about 90% glass full, but I did found myself saying to someone “yes, it is so beautiful out today, but now we have to clean up all the winter mess.” I recognized the low of the later half of the statement and quickly removed the exhausting thought from my brain and closed my eyes to smell the clean, sweet air and enjoy the moment. However, I did think about something interesting…

My ultimate goal in regards to my earthly placement, is to have my home located somewhere very tropical with lots of sand and pale blue water. So, I thought, ‘would I find myself ‘lacking’ appreciation after being at my paradise for a period of time?’ Do people who already live at my paradise location feel bored and unhappy with their daily scenery? I couldn’t imagine! But the proof is in the pudding, so they say (although I never really got that statement, ha,ha.)

Anyway, how many of us live at or experience what is the fantasy and dream of  another? How many people use visualization methods and picture themselves living ‘your’ life? Thousands, I am sure!

Now… how many times in a day are you bored and unhappy with your scenery and experiences? How is it even possible that we forget to appreciate each moment?

Or… How many of us are lying dormant, thinking about all the stuff/experiences that we ‘don’t’ have, the untapped talents that we push down, even though we find ourselves ‘bored’! For every unused energy form, whether it be a specific talent like music, writing or painting or any other mental and physical gift, there is someone out there wishing they had what you have and know how they would use it, if only they could!

Do you feel that way about someone else? Do you have a gift lying dormant –  If you find that you are bored, then you have something going on inside of you that is hiding for some reason or another. Does it have to be something that will be mind-boggling and amaze the whole world? No. It just has to amaze and change “your world.”

So, do not forget to actually make your moment and live out your moment, because your moments are the dreams of another and they need to be respected and APPRECIATED!

And that, my friend, is how you help to manifest your dreams (which someone is actually living right now, hopefully appreciating it as much as you will when it comes to you!) Good luck and keep up the good work!

From the heart,


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Appreciate the extra day?

I hope everyone enjoyed or at least appreciated the extra day we had, yesterday! I had a lot of interesting and unusual events throughout mine. But all in all I was thankful for another day of creative experiences! Don’t forget to take a mindful, deep breath in and out as you go about your day, today.

With great gratitude, always,


Appreciation is an important “key” on your key-chain!

If I had to pick one thing to discuss with someone in regards to opening ones door to manifesting experiences of happiness and I only had a few minutes, I would choose.. APPRECIATION! Why? Well, because you can not get more of something wonderful without feeling gratitude for what you already have in your life. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? However to say that you are grateful for warm running water, yet actually do not ‘feel’ grateful and just take it for granted every day, will not put you in a state of proper emotion for manifesting desires. What do you mean, “you can’t run around all day happily, joyfully appreciating every little, tiny item, relationship, and general experience that you come in contact with???” (ha,ha.) Let me break it down (I know, I know..I only have a few minutes.. I’ll be quick!)

Remember the first time you fell in love with your spouse/significant other? Those moments that you just lost yourself within? You were excited and giddy. You were adding fresh and new (and wanted) experiences into your moments. How about that moment when you step into a steaming, warm shower and your cold body starts to slowly heat up? And what about the feeling of drinking a clean, ice-cold glass of fresh water after taking a long jog in the heat? It’s those first moments that you let yourself indulge – even if it’s just a split second.

What do they all have in common? The same emotions of pure bliss! In these moments, you have stopped worrying about other life experiences. There is no guilt, sadness, anger, resentment, jealousy. In those blissful seconds or times, you are not bored or judgmental (toward yourself or others.) It may only last a short time, however that is all it takes to open your divine door to your desires! So, how do we keep it open? We remember how we felt at each one of those moments and practice, day by day, minute by minute, training ourselves to feel the pure joy of appreciation and gratification for all the wonderful (even if we want more or different) things, places, relationships that we are now having the pleasure to experience!

We learned how to become in a state of negative emotion. We can learn how to become in a state of positive emotion! It may take time, but what else have you ‘got’ to do?????

Deeply from the heart, always,