Just another ‘great’ to appreciate!

There are so so so many things that we do, are, and experience that we fail to appreciate! I am for sure a glass is half full kinda girl, however even being so, I can find myself in a state of gloom. And I will also find myself in a huge state of irritation when my oldest cheerfully reminds me to “Think positive, mom! Change your energy and be happy so that you can attract happier stuff, mom!” It’s like he is reading my heart which is screaming the very same thing at me. The irritation is not really at him of course, it is at me for feeling negative in the very first place. Also, it then brings me great (and I mean great) relief and joy to realize that he is actually listening to me when I try to teach him how to make his life path a joy filled one! And that is an awesome gift as a parent. Following such far and few between episodes, I relax and cheer up as I do change my mind-set and move on to higher energy fields, and gather, once again, another ‘thing’ to appreciate!

So, today… I appreciate being a parent. Sometimes it is quite exhausting, but moments like above, it is a radiant blessing to watch our little ones grow and blossom into strong individuals. We spend our days in small panics, worrying if they will turn out okay. Will they listen to us when we tell them to not do harmful things to themselves and to be smart and patient??? Who knows. However, I do know that worry only brings on situations that will make me worry, so I choose to think of all the wonderful and amazing experiences that they will have throughout their journeys. I am ever so grateful to be a parent (even those times when my husband and I can not find a babysitter, ha ha.) Teaching is an honor and we as parents are ‘teachers’! Lead by example.

Until next time….. Love and Joy to all……


Experiencing moments to appreciate therefore raising your vibration!

You know what’s really awesome?…

When you take an extremely hot shower, the steam filling the air all around you, your body in a warm meditative state, as your blood pressure drops and your body gets heavy, the moment arises to make a choice to continue this grand self indulging experience or stop it before you pass out from the marvelous heat, when just out of no where, the curtain peels open slightly and allows a wonderful, cooling breeze to enter, gently flowing across your glistening face, relieving you of any discomfort. You take a deep, refreshing breath in and enjoy the magnificent Yin and Yang of cool air and hot water.

Ahhh…… now that’s really awesome.

Enjoy your moment and take time to notice all your blessings.

From the heart,