Just another ‘great’ to appreciate!

There are so so so many things that we do, are, and experience that we fail to appreciate! I am for sure a glass is half full kinda girl, however even being so, I can find myself in a state of gloom. And I will also find myself in a huge state of irritation when my oldest cheerfully reminds me to “Think positive, mom! Change your energy and be happy so that you can attract happier stuff, mom!” It’s like he is reading my heart which is screaming the very same thing at me. The irritation is not really at him of course, it is at me for feeling negative in the very first place. Also, it then brings me great (and I mean great) relief and joy to realize that he is actually listening to me when I try to teach him how to make his life path a joy filled one! And that is an awesome gift as a parent. Following such far and few between episodes, I relax and cheer up as I do change my mind-set and move on to higher energy fields, and gather, once again, another ‘thing’ to appreciate!

So, today… I appreciate being a parent. Sometimes it is quite exhausting, but moments like above, it is a radiant blessing to watch our little ones grow and blossom into strong individuals. We spend our days in small panics, worrying if they will turn out okay. Will they listen to us when we tell them to not do harmful things to themselves and to be smart and patient??? Who knows. However, I do know that worry only brings on situations that will make me worry, so I choose to think of all the wonderful and amazing experiences that they will have throughout their journeys. I am ever so grateful to be a parent (even those times when my husband and I can not find a babysitter, ha ha.) Teaching is an honor and we as parents are ‘teachers’! Lead by example.

Until next time….. Love and Joy to all……



I have been so very, very busy lately that I haven’t had time to write as often as I normally like. Ahhh, summer. Children home demanding attention and the house looks like a huge frat party was held all night. Many jobs still to do, however, life is good, filled with energy and emotions and that is what ‘life’ is. That’s why we are here. So, on to the next moment in time……..

Today I wanted to mention how sometimes we forget to DREAM. We get so caught up in the stress of the moment that we simply put off what it is that we ‘want’, for what we are now having. Does this make sense? I know how important it is to live in the time of the now, however if we are doing that in a negative sense, we do not take time for growth. We become stagnant…. and muddy. Our thoughts are not clear and therefore we do not get any clear results. So where is the balance of not giving up on the things (dreams) that we want to accomplish (with family, friends and materials) and living in the moment? Because we need to live in the moment to appreciate what we have given ourselves so far and still see movement and growth for our future experiences.

We have to be careful to really expect what ever it is that we ‘want’ and not just want and hope for it from a place that says “I don’t have it but I really want it” because when we do this, it keeps it away from us. When we want something so very intensely and feel the feelings of ‘lack’, we end up just creating that same image out there to the universe – the feelings of ‘lack’. If we want something, whether it is a relationship or material item, we have to look forward to it and admire those around us whom already have it. (Oh, the green-eyed monster is the worse!! I will talk about that in my next post.)

Okay, so balance is key, as usual. Keep your dreams close and refresh them regularly, but at the same time enjoy your ‘now’ moments with gratitude and love. Keep intentions clear and positive with high energy and before you know it, YOUR DREAMS ‘ARE’ YOUR ‘NOW’ MOMENTS, ALL THE TIME! Until next time…

From the heart,



Appreciate This and Raise Your Vibration!

You know what’s really awesome?…

When you are driving down the road and you see a small muddy turtle slowly crossing the bumpy and quite long gravel road. In your mind you wonder, does he even know that in a matter of moments a huge alien vehicle will come zooming by, completely unaware of his little body swaying leg by leg toward the pond on the other side and well.. you know the completion of this sentence. Living in the country, this scenario happens all the time, so my children and I have made it a mission to try to save every turtle that we can from such destruction. Why? Because that is just what you do when you have a car full of small children and have witnessed the enlightened joy in their souls after such an event! So, we stop, my oldest jumps out (after mommy had deemed it safe), runs to the little (or sometimes big) sweet creature and lifts it to safety, just in time I might add because it never fails that a car or two has had to stop and also witness this beautiful, yet simple display of child-like love and appreciation for life. After he jumps back in the car, all of the kids full of excitement and new positive energy, we talk about it for a moment or two and off we go to our original destination!

This is one of life’s awesome little moments that was created to be appreciated and therefore raise our vibrations to a higher level. Do not forget to keep your eyes and hearts open for such experiences in your daily lives! Until next time…..

From the heart,


Silent Inspiration

I saw a man intently jogging this morning. Listening to his personal music through a set of earphones, looking strong and giving off an energy of joy, like he was truly enjoying doing what most would consider tedious. Maybe he was listening to a particularly uplifting song or maybe he was feeling the endorphins run through his system as he exercised his body. Either way, matters not, however, in that brief moment as I was driving my wonderful and sleepy children to school, I noticed him and I actually sat up taller in my seat. I did not sit up taller to be noticed, I sat up taller because he silently inspired me to also take care of myself, improve my posture and respect my own strength. This stranger, whom ever he was, had no idea that he inspired someone else while he was caring for himself. Yet that is what we all do from time to time, without notice. We silently inspire others to lift themselves up, if only for a moment and a moment is all it takes. Here’s to all of you out there silently inspiring the world with your own inner beauty………….. Health and Happiness to all!

Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit,



Oh, the all lovely relationships topic! I am looking forward to not having to learn any soul lessons in this department, yes? And by relationships I do not necessarily mean significant other.

We have relationships with all. However, the ones that are closest to us, i.e children, husband, wife, parent, etc. The ones that we care for moment by moment everyday. Those are the ones that really get our mental and emotional attention. Now, being a highly empathic person, makes these relationship experiences very blurry because I never know whose emotion that I am feeling. Most likely you are the same way and it makes it difficult to separate yourself from the energy of another. Do you tend to really get caught up in all your spats? Do you find it near impossible to “un” charge yourself from a situation between either you and a spouse or say, your spouse and your children (which is a situation that doesn’t even really include you)? Most people do.

I will give a little back ground on what is happening in these moments and then in my next post I will discuss how to comfortably and safely unwind and let go in situations that hold negative charges (like that big fight you just had with him/her!)

Okay, we know that we are all energy, right? Including our thoughts. So, when someone walks into the room with a negative emotion riding inside of them, are they the only ones to feel it? No. the energy of thought is bouncing all around them and hits you, smack, right in the head or should I say heart!? Now all of a sudden you are thinking thoughts that match their emotion. Seems fair, right? It’s not like you don’t have enough of your own to deal with! Now, there you are thinking “what a jerk!” “He/she is totally blaming me for their bad mood and blah, blah blah”, one bad thought begins after another of negative self imagery! And just seconds before life was so peaceful. Now your stomach is upset and you can feel your anger and irritation rising…. all because you let, yes I said ‘let’ yourself merge with another energy and the energy was charged negatively. Not only are we now getting involved in someone’s own ‘personal’ experience, but we have trained ourselves to join in on the pity party! We have automatically started thinking negative thoughts about ourselves. Sometimes it is just a tiny bit, sometimes we get carried away and really do some bashing! It will include offense and defense. Are you ready to ‘roar’ at this point? Or do you keep it all bottled up inside like a dormant volcano? Either way is not going to help anyone who has wondered into this awesomely negative experience.  (I discussed in a prior post about falsely thinking that we know what another is thinking and feeling.) So, now what? How do we get out of this negatively charged situation and stay in control of ourselves? We need to defuse it fast and lovingly. Stay tuned for my next post – Part II of  Defuse…

From the heart always,