Take a different view….

There is always a different angle to view each experience! However we tend to find this most difficult when we are going through one that we do not like. Try this the next time it happens to you……….

Pay attention and ‘feel’ the emotions that you are going through so that you can really ‘know’ what it feels like to experience such an event or process. Quickly use your mind to calm yourself down, you can do this many different ways. I like to use plan old logic. I separate myself from the experience and step back from the storm and use what I have learned to relax. “What advise would I give someone else in this same situation?” and then I give myself the same advise. I ‘get over’ it! I then follow with concentrating on a solution and only a solution. I try my best not to look back. You need to cut off your mental connection to this unwanted situation so that you won’t attract more and more thoughts that resemble the unwanted situation and cause negative manifestations! Once you have come up with a plan/solution, take small baby steps if needed, of action to produce the wanted results of this experience. You have now changed your energy path from negative to positive! You are taking charge of your own personal situation and taking your POWER back!

The reason that I asked you to “feel” those feelings in the beginning was for future purpose. Why? Because it is important for us as souls that are here on earth to learn and grow, to be able to have compassion for all others and when we have experienced a specific experience that someone else may be going through, we will then have the TRUE ability to be compassionate! After we have an unwanted experience we need to disconnect/disengage from it emotionally so that we do  not manifest it again. We need to be able to talk with others and have, what is called, a disconnected compassion. That way we can understand what others are experiencing, yet not manifest it (again) for ourselves!

You can now VIEW your negative experience differently. See this experience as a lesson and a gift of learned compassion to possibly be utilized in the future!

Good Luck. Until next time….. (I will try to discuss this disconnect issue more in the next few postings. Positive energy to you all….)


What’s with your EGO??

Many people get very confused when it comes to the word ‘ego’. Why is that? Well, mostly because we have turned the ego into something that is bad. And why did we, as the lovely humans that we are, turn it into something that is frowned upon? Because we do that to most everything! So sad….. Any how, the ego is our basic earthly connection. Our beautiful souls had to connect with something once we entered our shells. And that connect is to our egos. Our egos help us to stay grounded while we are here experiencing all the delicious avenues of life! It also likes to argue and play tricks on our source energy connect. How? Well… all those things in life that you spend time judging, like yourself (The whole “I am not good enough”  bit, that’s your ego.) When you judge the actions of another, that is your ego stepping up to the plate to take a swing. When you are making an internal decision that something is right or something is wrong, that’s the ‘ole ego kicking in.

The ego remembers all the past experiences and knows all the future desires and it uses all that information to keep us on our toes! While your source energy is also all-knowing, the source energy knows much more then your ego would ever admit! Your source energy knows the ‘whole’ truth,  the truths that are behind closed doors. And all your true source energy knows, is LOVE! Your sly ego, also knows love, however, it really likes to have fun with you and loves to push out big helpings of self-doubt and your ego really, really enjoys taking the lead. So, one might say it is kind of like the angel and the devil on our little shoulders. But then you say, “well, the ego is ‘bad’ then, right?” Nope! the ego is needed for our earthly experiences. With out the ego we wouldn’t be able to learn and grow. We would not be able to make decisions on whether we want to experience something again or not experience something again. Our egos make life interesting and different.

We came here to experience diversity and to spiritually grow. If we only know love, which is what our internal source energy knows, how are we able to come ‘down’ in order to know that we like to come ‘up’?

What our goals here should be, is to let our source energy be the leader and the ego be the man in the back, the follower!!! And that, my friend, is what we all struggle with! So, the next time something nasty comes to the front of your mind, understand and remember…. it’s that ego of yours and ask it to take a back seat while you pull up your source energy and let it drive!! I will talk more in regards to this and the like, soon. I will also touch on distinct examples in regards to our wonderful ego and how it sometimes takes the lead and how easy it is to spiral down when it does (of course, I will continue with how to also, make it relax so that you can fulfill your grandest desires.) Until, next time…

From the heart,


Part II of negative beliefs:

So, to continue my last discussion….. Beliefs that make you feel low on the emotional ladder are of no use to us! In fact, not only are they of no use, they are actually holding us back from manifesting are desires! When we concentrate on one of these negative beliefs, we might as well grab a huge wooden door and plop it right in front of our path and put a dead bolt on it!

Release is the key to opening that door. To do this it will take time. Just think of how long this one thought was pounded into your brain before you made it a solid belief. Just like practicing for a school test, you need to lovingly assert yourself in this matter of releasing negative beliefs. Catch yourself when you’re thinking such a thought and feeling the negative emotion attached to it! THEN go through your personal steps of thought control. This is the same as I discussed in a previous blog about how to train your mind-body connect with emotions.

Step 1 is to recognize, step 2 is to visualize the opposite, step 3 is to stay as long as you can in that emotion of the positive and then keep practicing until you no longer connect with that negative belief! Just like memorizing a difficult spelling word, after a while it becomes second nature to write it down with out even thinking about it.

I will discuss more of this, in many different ways throughout time… Good luck  and ‘here’s to you’ on manifesting your greatest dreams!!

From the heart and from the soul,