Take a different view….

There is always a different angle to view each experience! However we tend to find this most difficult when we are going through one that we do not like. Try this the next time it happens to you……….

Pay attention and ‘feel’ the emotions that you are going through so that you can really ‘know’ what it feels like to experience such an event or process. Quickly use your mind to calm yourself down, you can do this many different ways. I like to use plan old logic. I separate myself from the experience and step back from the storm and use what I have learned to relax. “What advise would I give someone else in this same situation?” and then I give myself the same advise. I ‘get over’ it! I then follow with concentrating on a solution and only a solution. I try my best not to look back. You need to cut off your mental connection to this unwanted situation so that you won’t attract more and more thoughts that resemble the unwanted situation and cause negative manifestations! Once you have come up with a plan/solution, take small baby steps if needed, of action to produce the wanted results of this experience. You have now changed your energy path from negative to positive! You are taking charge of your own personal situation and taking your POWER back!

The reason that I asked you to “feel” those feelings in the beginning was for future purpose. Why? Because it is important for us as souls that are here on earth to learn and grow, to be able to have compassion for all others and when we have experienced a specific experience that someone else may be going through, we will then have the TRUE ability to be compassionate! After we have an unwanted experience we need to disconnect/disengage from it emotionally so that we do  not manifest it again. We need to be able to talk with others and have, what is called, a disconnected compassion. That way we can understand what others are experiencing, yet not manifest it (again) for ourselves!

You can now VIEW your negative experience differently. See this experience as a lesson and a gift of learned compassion to possibly be utilized in the future!

Good Luck. Until next time….. (I will try to discuss this disconnect issue more in the next few postings. Positive energy to you all….)


A silly moment in time.


Can you believe that I just made myself feel guilty about something that hadn’t even happened yet, or that may even happen? I just made a whole scenario up in my mind that left me with a feeling of guilt. The experience never actually happened at least not yet, but I already made it up and it left me feeling guilty. I find that simply amazing. I totally just judged myself in the worst way. There is absolutely no reason that I should be feeling this way. How funny is that? We do it all the time. Worry about something that we made up in our heads. Something that we are assuming. It is a total feeling of powerlessness. And all we need to do is change our mind-set. Change it to believe that we need not feel those feelings, that situation is not even happening, I can’t make it any more simple, that which is going on your head, is not really happening, you made it up! so why not just change your mind-set and think of something ‘good’? Hello……. This is what I say to myself when I catch myself doing this. Funny huh? Just a little something to chew on and think about.. Have a great night. Until next time……

From the Heart,


Just a little notice…

I noticed that I was getting bummed about a lack of succession in a new area of my life that involves making money. No surprise when that happens, right? But the initial reason I started this new project in the first place was because I really liked the product and the company’s back ground and moral grounds, etc., therefore I am happy to work a little and actually make some extra pocket change too. I realize now that when ever I let myself start to get off track and get carried away with the wrong side of the coin, or in other words, forget why I wanted to do this in the first place and start concentrating on making money which in turn bums me out when it is going slow or not at all. Why do I do this? Because my ego started taking the lead and I lost my focus. I lost focus on enjoying the moment and the base of the experience! Everything goes down hill when you think ‘everything is starting to slope down hill.’ Funny, but so very real… So, I am excitedly happy when I can step back and realize when this is happening and start fresh again. So, tonight I will sweep away any experiences that I had today that I found to be less then desired, learn from them, and re- get excited about all of my main goals on my path of desired outcomes! Thanks for listening and I will write more tomorrow, when I can….

Always from the heart,


A day in the life of a deliberate creator..

I willed myself to overcome my obstacles from the previous day and it worked. My weekend consisted of pleasant surprises. I was able to get out and connect with some new friends and be in the position to observe many people from afar (I have always, since I can remember, been a quiet observer, a deep thinker, without the need to interact or be center stage – not that I can’t or don’t enjoy talking with everyone because I love that just as much, but I have always been just as comfy gently observing the actions and interactions of others, (to bad it is considered ‘rude’ to stare).) I especially love it when I meet someone new and find an instant connection with them and can get excited about reconnecting with them in the near future (I guess that’s called – making new friends, which is always exciting when you are older or should I say ‘more advanced in years.’) I may jump around a bit today, for I seem to be a bit scatter brained (too much wine last night??)

I did find myself battling with a little bit of self-bashing, off and on. You know, the basics (I have a previous posting on this topic, if you are interested) “I should, could, be better at….. mothering, being a wife, being a money manager, being a friend, why haven’t I called my grandmother in so long (guilt), I need to be a better house keeper, laundry manager, I should (my husband would say ‘need’) to learn how to be a better cook, a more sufficient shopper, stop procrastinating on any and everything like the laundry, I even think that I thought I could give more effort in the bedroom (and I am really, really awesome in that department!)

Which brings me to my next discussion jump –  Why do we carry the false premise that we can say a million ‘bad’ things about ourselves, yet cringe in embarrassment when we say something great about ourselves. We should be walking around all day long just blabbing out all kinds of wonderful comments about how wonderful we are, like “Hey, did you know that I am really good at doing cartwheels?” or “Hey, did you know that I have really nice nails, here have a look?” or “Hey, did you know that I am really good at money managing, here look at my last bank statement?” or maybe, “Hey, did you know that I have an amazing muscle formation right here, you wanna see?” or “Hey did you know that I have a brain that works something like ‘rain-man’ yet I can socialize perfectly well at the same time?” (I am not speaking of self when I give these examples, but I know there are people out there with all of these traits.) So, why can’t we do this? (Alright, I have to take a quick break – I will be back in an hour, I have to teach a fitness class.)

Okay – back, and feel much more energized! Can we go around talking ourselves up instead of down? Why not? Well, if we’re not comfortable saying how great we are out-loud, we sure can say it in our minds! So, this week I am going to really work on that and you should too! I did manifest a few little things this weekend, like a night out with my man and a night in with my man (he,he,he..) I also received more requests for another stretch and fitness class, although I am running out of teaching hours (of course, when you no longer give the energy into ‘wanting’ something that you don’t have, it appears from all angles.) Therefore I am trying to enjoy the late manifestation of that (better late than never, right?) I have been thinking of a certain person for a while and ran into someone who is still in regular contact with them, and was able to tell me all about what they have been up to, so that’s always fun! hmm.. what else.. oh, I was discussing the big lottery subject all last week (but who wasn’t) and I was discussing the authors Jerry and Esther Hicks (Abraham) and was lead to check out a fellow blogger’s blog, happened to scroll way down further than I would normally and what do you know….she graciously posted a 2 part short video of Esther (Abraham) giving a lecture on ‘winning the lottery’, just for me! (ha,ha) These are the tiny and timely little things that most just call coincidences, however I like to pay attention and appreciate the little things as being a deliberate creator. My husband and I also had a lot of occurrences where we would say something and the speaker on t.v. says the exact same thing at the exact same time.. That’s always fun, too. So, this week I am working on three things: time management, self-love, and letting go of false premises (beliefs that hold me back from positive growth and manifestations.) Oh, and one more thing (because I need more, right?) not procrastinating on all the little things, get it done and then go have fun!!! Wish me luck. I hope everyone noticed something special throughout their days this weekend and also,  try to work on a few things for themselves like self love (keeping personal door open to desired manifestations!) Until next time….

From the heart always,