I have been so very, very busy lately that I haven’t had time to write as often as I normally like. Ahhh, summer. Children home demanding attention and the house looks like a huge frat party was held all night. Many jobs still to do, however, life is good, filled with energy and emotions and that is what ‘life’ is. That’s why we are here. So, on to the next moment in time……..

Today I wanted to mention how sometimes we forget to DREAM. We get so caught up in the stress of the moment that we simply put off what it is that we ‘want’, for what we are now having. Does this make sense? I know how important it is to live in the time of the now, however if we are doing that in a negative sense, we do not take time for growth. We become stagnant…. and muddy. Our thoughts are not clear and therefore we do not get any clear results. So where is the balance of not giving up on the things (dreams) that we want to accomplish (with family, friends and materials) and living in the moment? Because we need to live in the moment to appreciate what we have given ourselves so far and still see movement and growth for our future experiences.

We have to be careful to really expect what ever it is that we ‘want’ and not just want and hope for it from a place that says “I don’t have it but I really want it” because when we do this, it keeps it away from us. When we want something so very intensely and feel the feelings of ‘lack’, we end up just creating that same image out there to the universe – the feelings of ‘lack’. If we want something, whether it is a relationship or material item, we have to look forward to it and admire those around us whom already have it. (Oh, the green-eyed monster is the worse!! I will talk about that in my next post.)

Okay, so balance is key, as usual. Keep your dreams close and refresh them regularly, but at the same time enjoy your ‘now’ moments with gratitude and love. Keep intentions clear and positive with high energy and before you know it, YOUR DREAMS ‘ARE’ YOUR ‘NOW’ MOMENTS, ALL THE TIME! Until next time…

From the heart,




Appreciate the extra day?

I hope everyone enjoyed or at least appreciated the extra day we had, yesterday! I had a lot of interesting and unusual events throughout mine. But all in all I was thankful for another day of creative experiences! Don’t forget to take a mindful, deep breath in and out as you go about your day, today.

With great gratitude, always,


Appreciation is an important “key” on your key-chain!

If I had to pick one thing to discuss with someone in regards to opening ones door to manifesting experiences of happiness and I only had a few minutes, I would choose.. APPRECIATION! Why? Well, because you can not get more of something wonderful without feeling gratitude for what you already have in your life. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? However to say that you are grateful for warm running water, yet actually do not ‘feel’ grateful and just take it for granted every day, will not put you in a state of proper emotion for manifesting desires. What do you mean, “you can’t run around all day happily, joyfully appreciating every little, tiny item, relationship, and general experience that you come in contact with???” (ha,ha.) Let me break it down (I know, I know..I only have a few minutes.. I’ll be quick!)

Remember the first time you fell in love with your spouse/significant other? Those moments that you just lost yourself within? You were excited and giddy. You were adding fresh and new (and wanted) experiences into your moments. How about that moment when you step into a steaming, warm shower and your cold body starts to slowly heat up? And what about the feeling of drinking a clean, ice-cold glass of fresh water after taking a long jog in the heat? It’s those first moments that you let yourself indulge – even if it’s just a split second.

What do they all have in common? The same emotions of pure bliss! In these moments, you have stopped worrying about other life experiences. There is no guilt, sadness, anger, resentment, jealousy. In those blissful seconds or times, you are not bored or judgmental (toward yourself or others.) It may only last a short time, however that is all it takes to open your divine door to your desires! So, how do we keep it open? We remember how we felt at each one of those moments and practice, day by day, minute by minute, training ourselves to feel the pure joy of appreciation and gratification for all the wonderful (even if we want more or different) things, places, relationships that we are now having the pleasure to experience!

We learned how to become in a state of negative emotion. We can learn how to become in a state of positive emotion! It may take time, but what else have you ‘got’ to do?????

Deeply from the heart, always,