A wink of appreciation…

I am sleepy. I was up all night. No good reason. Just awake.

Now I am trying to train my mind to behave in a manner of someone that had a solid 8 hours of good sleep. Ha! So… something to appreciate today? Hmmm…. normally a snap.

Today I will appreciate the moments of calm silence. The moments that you watch others around you with OUT a word or energetic blending. It’s a silence of the body,mind and spirit. I guess it is a tired numbness but sometimes it works in a way that lets your soul rest if only for a few moments.

I have been so non stop lately, that I haven’t written as much as I would like. I will try to pick it up a little bit and do my best to help others on their journeys. Best wishes to all. Until next time…

From the heart,



Simple Reminder…

Well, we all know how I like to keep things simple. Simplicity makes our minds run clearer and therefore we can prioritize our beloved desires with greater strength and intent.  I wanted to remind ourselves about how our words affect our outcomes in life experiences. Sometimes we get carried away with negative wording in our discussions with others or even just ourselves. Each word is made up of energy and that energy is set lose to latch on to our beings and change our molecular structure. So the next time the horrible negative word slips right out of your, I am sure, well intended mind… catch it! Catch it and replace it with a word or words that will leave an  intelligent and positive energetic  mark on ourselves  and those around us (or even those that are not physically around us – if the words were intended or about that person.) This practice is very important if you are looking to change your reality to something desired and positive. Words change everything, so change your words if you need to. And do not be afraid to apologize to your loved ones and any others around you when you loose control of your tongue, because we can reverse those negative shaped molecules to positive ones with a kind and loving filled apology, and it also teaches those around us how to take control and be empowered, therefore creating a wonderful atmosphere for all! Good luck and positive energy to all…. Until next time…

From the heart,


A silly moment in time.


Can you believe that I just made myself feel guilty about something that hadn’t even happened yet, or that may even happen? I just made a whole scenario up in my mind that left me with a feeling of guilt. The experience never actually happened at least not yet, but I already made it up and it left me feeling guilty. I find that simply amazing. I totally just judged myself in the worst way. There is absolutely no reason that I should be feeling this way. How funny is that? We do it all the time. Worry about something that we made up in our heads. Something that we are assuming. It is a total feeling of powerlessness. And all we need to do is change our mind-set. Change it to believe that we need not feel those feelings, that situation is not even happening, I can’t make it any more simple, that which is going on your head, is not really happening, you made it up! so why not just change your mind-set and think of something ‘good’? Hello……. This is what I say to myself when I catch myself doing this. Funny huh? Just a little something to chew on and think about.. Have a great night. Until next time……

From the Heart,


Raise your vibration right now..

I have a homework assignment for all of you today!

And it goes something like this…….

Find one person in your memory bank that when you think of that person it brings you a feeling of anger, annoyance, sadness, helplessness, guilt, or makes you want to just plain blow chunks (lol), and as this individual’s image materializes in you mind, FORGIVE THEM! Forgive them for what ever experience they made in their lives that had such an impact on YOU. And then I want you to take a big deep breath and FORGIVE YOURSELF. Forgive yourself for allowing another to enter your energy field and leave those negative vibrations attached to your being. After you have verbally and mentally spoken the words of forgiveness, allowing a feeling of release to overcome you, say the next few words over and over again until you are exhausted…….. “I love you and I love myself”

This is a wonderful exercise to utilize whenever you are feeling down and congested. Have a wonderful and positive day! Until next time…

Deep from the heart,


Appreciate this..to raise your vibration, today!

You know what’s really awesome?….

When you are scurrying around, your insides filled with anxiety, your mind filled with pictures and moments that involve another, and while the wheels are turning and your body is reacting, you suddenly stop. You stop and actually realize that you are allowing your self to follow each thought filled lead to another matching thought and another, and you have put yourself in a state of worry-filled emotions over something that doesn’t even involve you. You understand that you are letting your ego lead you, lead you to actually worry about what another person is going to think or may be thinking at that very moment and because you know that we make up in our minds what another may be feeling or thinking (because we do NOT know), you suddenly just STOP. You release your imaginary hook that another has put on you and take a big fresh gulp of air, a smile rounds your beautiful face, your anxiety falls away, you look around at what it is that you are doing and start to pay attention to your surroundings, grounding yourself in the moment. You feel an intoxicating sense of self-love.

Ahhhh…. now that’s really awesome!

Best thoughts to you on this fine day.

From the heart,


Experiencing moments to appreciate therefore raising your vibration!

You know what’s really awesome?…

When you take an extremely hot shower, the steam filling the air all around you, your body in a warm meditative state, as your blood pressure drops and your body gets heavy, the moment arises to make a choice to continue this grand self indulging experience or stop it before you pass out from the marvelous heat, when just out of no where, the curtain peels open slightly and allows a wonderful, cooling breeze to enter, gently flowing across your glistening face, relieving you of any discomfort. You take a deep, refreshing breath in and enjoy the magnificent Yin and Yang of cool air and hot water.

Ahhh…… now that’s really awesome.

Enjoy your moment and take time to notice all your blessings.

From the heart,


Just a little notice…

I noticed that I was getting bummed about a lack of succession in a new area of my life that involves making money. No surprise when that happens, right? But the initial reason I started this new project in the first place was because I really liked the product and the company’s back ground and moral grounds, etc., therefore I am happy to work a little and actually make some extra pocket change too. I realize now that when ever I let myself start to get off track and get carried away with the wrong side of the coin, or in other words, forget why I wanted to do this in the first place and start concentrating on making money which in turn bums me out when it is going slow or not at all. Why do I do this? Because my ego started taking the lead and I lost my focus. I lost focus on enjoying the moment and the base of the experience! Everything goes down hill when you think ‘everything is starting to slope down hill.’ Funny, but so very real… So, I am excitedly happy when I can step back and realize when this is happening and start fresh again. So, tonight I will sweep away any experiences that I had today that I found to be less then desired, learn from them, and re- get excited about all of my main goals on my path of desired outcomes! Thanks for listening and I will write more tomorrow, when I can….

Always from the heart,