The not so secret, secret to abundance…

The secret is quite easy, really! Just appreciate what you have today!

What have you appreciated today?

Go ahead, make a list of all the wonderful things and experiences in your life! Having a hard time? Look away for a moment. What do you see going on around you? There is always someone having a more difficult experience in life! Only glance at them long enough to make a quick mental note then switch your mind gears back to yourself. Now… what do you have to appreciate about your own journey? Practice looking at the beauty that is within your world! The better you get at this, the more abundance will follow!


Raise your vibration right now..

I have a homework assignment for all of you today!

And it goes something like this…….

Find one person in your memory bank that when you think of that person it brings you a feeling of anger, annoyance, sadness, helplessness, guilt, or makes you want to just plain blow chunks (lol), and as this individual’s image materializes in you mind, FORGIVE THEM! Forgive them for what ever experience they made in their lives that had such an impact on YOU. And then I want you to take a big deep breath and FORGIVE YOURSELF. Forgive yourself for allowing another to enter your energy field and leave those negative vibrations attached to your being. After you have verbally and mentally spoken the words of forgiveness, allowing a feeling of release to overcome you, say the next few words over and over again until you are exhausted…….. “I love you and I love myself”

This is a wonderful exercise to utilize whenever you are feeling down and congested. Have a wonderful and positive day! Until next time…

Deep from the heart,


Annoyed with being Annoyed?

When we feel annoyed it is our source energies way of telling us that we are experiencing a negative thought. People often push this one under the rug because it happens so very often and with little energy. How many times a day are you truly annoyed? Ten, twenty, a hundred? What is happening is that in that moment we are finding our surrounding environment and the  co-experiencers to be that which we do not want or desire. We want them or it, to change so that we will no longer be annoyed. However, the universal laws do not work that way. We need to find peace inside of us in order to experience a peaceful environment!

Being annoyed is probably one of the most experienced feelings that we humans have. How annoying, right? ha, ha… Well, only you can change that and I have to say, if you want the little annoyances to go away, you will need to recognize when that feeling is erupting from your inner body and catch it quick! Know that your source energy you is trying to warn you that you are closing your desired manifestation door. That is where all of your goodies are hiding and waiting for you to RELAX, so that it all can be delivered to you!

Another words, please just RELAX and understand that each moment is attracted by you and your other co-experiencers, so that you and they, may learn from it. Do you want this experience?

Also, I have really been working on how to handle my own little annoyances with a lighter heart. Let me give you an example: I hate or should I say really do not enjoy… letting my 200 pound American Mastiff in the house when the yard has experienced rain or other moisture. Why? Because I have to wipe his enormous paws! Now he isn’t any real trouble, he just stands there and lets me do it, but for some reason I will put it off as long as possible and then find myself arguing with him and spatting off negative comments the whole time! Does that seem fair to my dog? No. So I have vowed to take a different approach. When he needs to come in, I will force myself (it will not take long before it will become 2nd nature) to think pleasant and loving thoughts about him and understand that he doesn’t enjoy the process either, yet he stands there, patiently, waiting for me to finish and allow him to run through the house, the least I can do is respect him!

This process is also called compassion. I (you) do not have to love what is happening or agree with what is making you annoyed, just have a bit of compassion for each experience and you will find that your vibration will rise and your door will remain (or become) open!! Good Luck and be proud of yourself for all your efforts, each and every day!

Smiles to all,


To Party or Not to Party, that is the question???

Well I have been gone for a couple of days, not from my home, just from thinking too deeply. Sounds funny, I know, however, every once in a while I like to take a break and test my self and my beliefs. What I really mean is that I do not intentionally try to crash, I just realize it after I have taken a turn on my path. Sticking to what you are trying to do whether it be physical, mental or spiritual development, can be quite trying on one’s EGO. I think of myself as one who gives off an energy of  strength and stability, at least most of the time, but every now and then, I let my hair down and push caution to the wind! I have tons of fun and find myself enjoying my moments quite grandly. On the down side, I also find that my body is tired and what I would call lazy! Now I’m not out clubbing or partying ’till wee hours of the night, just chill’in with my hubs and a friend or two, having some drinks, playing some music (listening to others playing some music) watching late night movies, enjoying a glass of wine (did I already say that?) **** Oh, side note..**** Here is a topic I want to get into some day also, “what effects does ‘Mary-Jane’ (and if you have no idea what I am talking about, then ‘good’, you are obviously too young!) have in regards to our source connect or lack there of..??? ******* Anyway, draining myself with my choices of how I am spending my time, actually can confuse me. Why? because while I am living in the moment having a grand time, not worrying about much of anything (which is exactly what we want to be doing on a daily basis) I end up feeling more detached and foggy-like in the brain. On the flip side – When I choose to, let’s say, stay all put together and keep my hair pinned up, I feel in more control and a bit clearer. Does this make any sense? One might say, well that’s easy… Stay clear of that which dulls the senses and keep pinned up, right? But we all like to have some fun, yet I have seen those who have way too much fun, regularly, and they are quite miserable when they are not partaking in the ‘fun’! I am  not one who chooses that type of path, only because I want to keep my vibration raised and have control over my personal movie of life. So, I just answered my own questions, didn’t I? I do believe this has been one of my struggles for many lifetimes, and that is BALANCE. Balance is the key to a steady and easy life! Practice my deliberate creator methods, including connect with source and feed my body with nutrients and exercise gently and regularly. Have fun with friends and family on the occasions that it will count, while making it a point to sincerely enjoy my time with self and others w/o the need to bring external elements into my experience. Yet, Red Wine is so very yummy, hhmmmm…. I will keep you posted on my efforts! (And just so you know, one glass suites me just fine – I am not consumed with the consumption of anything, I am a Pisces and I know better (we have an addictive personality, bummer!))

P.S. – The main reason for this conversation is that when I am deliberately being very clear minded, body and soul, my intuitive abilities really, really soar… so the things that we put into our bodies (not just our minds) can have a major effect on our self-spiritual connect, and I know this because I test myself and fully recognize all the effects by listening intently to my body. When I eat proper and consume liquids that benefit my physical body and add nutrients that I need and sleep well, then add in meditations and loving thoughts all rolled up into each day…. the effects of my outside world become quite amazing! The universal laws make great sense and things fall into place so nicely and peacefully. It is one of the best and most important processes in regards to body, mind, spirit connect. I am sure that you know many people who treat themselves very negatively (or yourself) with either (or both) physical consumption or mental/emotional stresses and would love nothing more than to see a change for them (or self) in a grand positive way. Every little thing does matter and we also need to learn from all the ‘little’ things that our bodies/source are trying to tell us.  Good Luck and Positive energy to you and yours, always…


Changing Blog Subject For (well, until I decide to change back!)

I am not actually changing the full subject, more like the context. I have decided (at least for a bit) to title my blog (instead of making a whole new blog, which I could do and add to my 5 billion other things that I keep adding to my life) “The day in the life of a Deliberate Creator” What does that mean? Well, it means that my intention is to blog every day in regards to what I experienced that day while always keeping in mind what I am teaching others about, which is the law of attraction and deliberate intent. So, how does an intuitive, know it all (in regards to the l.o.a and soul lessons, etc.), really live her life day-to-day? One may think that it should be all roses, right? After all, I know all the rules to making the thoughts of a great life, a reality! It should be a piece of cake and a chocolate one at that! However, have you ever known a psychic whose life just fell apart, and all you wanted to say is “Didn’t you ‘see’ that coming?” I know that I have a great sense of humor (after all I do have 3 kids, all under the age of 12 and a very funny husband (who is also an amazing musician -“he reads my blog, too”) So, this should be an interesting journey. I will do my best to be honest and write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or at least really close… I think that being a teacher of any subject and truly living it out, can be somewhat difficult (at least when it involves the heart and souls of others.) Well, I guess if you’re a math teacher……. (do we really use ‘all’ that in our adulthood??) Anyway, being a guide to others in the art of life can wear at times because you want to be the best soul you can be and  really ‘practice what you preach.’ I have 3 children, 1 husband (that’s enough) 1 200lb American mastiff dog, 1 guinea pig, 1 turtle, 2 lizards, 1 snake, 1 house, 1 pole barn (actually that’s my hubbies) 4.5 acers of land, 1 part-time job as both a front desk/manager and hair dresser (apprentice – thought it would be extra fun to also learn how to do hair), 1 part-time job as a dance teacher and fitness trainer, my children need to be  driven to school (20 minutes each way) every day (great school!), and in between I practice life coaching with others and once a month have a counseling session at my home with a group of lovely people, in regards to the law of attraction. I also have my wonderful blog and a book in the editing process with 2 more on the way and an idea of something that I need to patent (invention) and I want to write a novel! Oh, I also like to have a lot of fun with friends and family and enjoy the sun! I’m a Pisces (just in case you were wondering.)

Wow, that was exhausting, even for me…. Another words, how can I have time to practice the law of attraction in my day-to-day life experiences? Well, we will find out. So, starting soon I will have a mix of old and new. But I will for sure, hopefully, help others by giving examples of my day and what I do to try my best to keep on track to living and receiving the life that I desire (along with doing my best to appreciate that which I now have!) Wish me luck, I have never written so close to the heart before, but that is what we’re all here for anyway, isn’t it? Please feel free to give me feedback on this idea. I love to connect with others and hope this will bring out others on their journeys to enlightenment (or be just plain FUN!)

From the heart always,


Appreciate this!

When do we stop appreciating something? Why do we stop appreciating something? I was thinking about this the other day when the air turned warm and the sun was shinning brightly.

I live in Michigan and it is March which means it could be winter or it could be summer! Right now it is more summer and everyone is crawling out of hibernation, looking around at their yards like the ground is foreign land. It’s wonderful!

For most people, the glass is 1/2 full – meaning that they are enjoying the new scenery. For others, the glass is 1/2 empty – meaning that they are seeing that they have a lot of work to do in regards to spring clean up and outside house work that has laid dormant for months. Which am I? I would like to say that I am about 90% glass full, but I did found myself saying to someone “yes, it is so beautiful out today, but now we have to clean up all the winter mess.” I recognized the low of the later half of the statement and quickly removed the exhausting thought from my brain and closed my eyes to smell the clean, sweet air and enjoy the moment. However, I did think about something interesting…

My ultimate goal in regards to my earthly placement, is to have my home located somewhere very tropical with lots of sand and pale blue water. So, I thought, ‘would I find myself ‘lacking’ appreciation after being at my paradise for a period of time?’ Do people who already live at my paradise location feel bored and unhappy with their daily scenery? I couldn’t imagine! But the proof is in the pudding, so they say (although I never really got that statement, ha,ha.)

Anyway, how many of us live at or experience what is the fantasy and dream of  another? How many people use visualization methods and picture themselves living ‘your’ life? Thousands, I am sure!

Now… how many times in a day are you bored and unhappy with your scenery and experiences? How is it even possible that we forget to appreciate each moment?

Or… How many of us are lying dormant, thinking about all the stuff/experiences that we ‘don’t’ have, the untapped talents that we push down, even though we find ourselves ‘bored’! For every unused energy form, whether it be a specific talent like music, writing or painting or any other mental and physical gift, there is someone out there wishing they had what you have and know how they would use it, if only they could!

Do you feel that way about someone else? Do you have a gift lying dormant –  If you find that you are bored, then you have something going on inside of you that is hiding for some reason or another. Does it have to be something that will be mind-boggling and amaze the whole world? No. It just has to amaze and change “your world.”

So, do not forget to actually make your moment and live out your moment, because your moments are the dreams of another and they need to be respected and APPRECIATED!

And that, my friend, is how you help to manifest your dreams (which someone is actually living right now, hopefully appreciating it as much as you will when it comes to you!) Good luck and keep up the good work!

From the heart,


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