Just another ‘great’ to appreciate!

There are so so so many things that we do, are, and experience that we fail to appreciate! I am for sure a glass is half full kinda girl, however even being so, I can find myself in a state of gloom. And I will also find myself in a huge state of irritation when my oldest cheerfully reminds me to “Think positive, mom! Change your energy and be happy so that you can attract happier stuff, mom!” It’s like he is reading my heart which is screaming the very same thing at me. The irritation is not really at him of course, it is at me for feeling negative in the very first place. Also, it then brings me great (and I mean great) relief and joy to realize that he is actually listening to me when I try to teach him how to make his life path a joy filled one! And that is an awesome gift as a parent. Following such far and few between episodes, I relax and cheer up as I do change my mind-set and move on to higher energy fields, and gather, once again, another ‘thing’ to appreciate!

So, today… I appreciate being a parent. Sometimes it is quite exhausting, but moments like above, it is a radiant blessing to watch our little ones grow and blossom into strong individuals. We spend our days in small panics, worrying if they will turn out okay. Will they listen to us when we tell them to not do harmful things to themselves and to be smart and patient??? Who knows. However, I do know that worry only brings on situations that will make me worry, so I choose to think of all the wonderful and amazing experiences that they will have throughout their journeys. I am ever so grateful to be a parent (even those times when my husband and I can not find a babysitter, ha ha.) Teaching is an honor and we as parents are ‘teachers’! Lead by example.

Until next time….. Love and Joy to all……


What a great wayt to start!


Take a deep breath in for a count of 4 (picturing the numbers in your head as you count them out.) Hold that breath for another count of 4. Exhale for a count of 4. Hold that for a count of 4. Begin again. (You may also count backwards as you do this 4,3,2,1.) Take time to do this mediation for about 5 minutes until you can breath naturally and still have your mind relax. Then breath in and out the colors of the rainbow for another 10 minutes and congratulate yourself because you just meditated for a total of 15 minutes! Try this once a day and as you give your brain and body a break you will feel so much better about your day or situations that you have created! Good Luck and positive energy to you!


I have been so very, very busy lately that I haven’t had time to write as often as I normally like. Ahhh, summer. Children home demanding attention and the house looks like a huge frat party was held all night. Many jobs still to do, however, life is good, filled with energy and emotions and that is what ‘life’ is. That’s why we are here. So, on to the next moment in time……..

Today I wanted to mention how sometimes we forget to DREAM. We get so caught up in the stress of the moment that we simply put off what it is that we ‘want’, for what we are now having. Does this make sense? I know how important it is to live in the time of the now, however if we are doing that in a negative sense, we do not take time for growth. We become stagnant…. and muddy. Our thoughts are not clear and therefore we do not get any clear results. So where is the balance of not giving up on the things (dreams) that we want to accomplish (with family, friends and materials) and living in the moment? Because we need to live in the moment to appreciate what we have given ourselves so far and still see movement and growth for our future experiences.

We have to be careful to really expect what ever it is that we ‘want’ and not just want and hope for it from a place that says “I don’t have it but I really want it” because when we do this, it keeps it away from us. When we want something so very intensely and feel the feelings of ‘lack’, we end up just creating that same image out there to the universe – the feelings of ‘lack’. If we want something, whether it is a relationship or material item, we have to look forward to it and admire those around us whom already have it. (Oh, the green-eyed monster is the worse!! I will talk about that in my next post.)

Okay, so balance is key, as usual. Keep your dreams close and refresh them regularly, but at the same time enjoy your ‘now’ moments with gratitude and love. Keep intentions clear and positive with high energy and before you know it, YOUR DREAMS ‘ARE’ YOUR ‘NOW’ MOMENTS, ALL THE TIME! Until next time…

From the heart,



Simple Reminder…

Well, we all know how I like to keep things simple. Simplicity makes our minds run clearer and therefore we can prioritize our beloved desires with greater strength and intent.  I wanted to remind ourselves about how our words affect our outcomes in life experiences. Sometimes we get carried away with negative wording in our discussions with others or even just ourselves. Each word is made up of energy and that energy is set lose to latch on to our beings and change our molecular structure. So the next time the horrible negative word slips right out of your, I am sure, well intended mind… catch it! Catch it and replace it with a word or words that will leave an  intelligent and positive energetic  mark on ourselves  and those around us (or even those that are not physically around us – if the words were intended or about that person.) This practice is very important if you are looking to change your reality to something desired and positive. Words change everything, so change your words if you need to. And do not be afraid to apologize to your loved ones and any others around you when you loose control of your tongue, because we can reverse those negative shaped molecules to positive ones with a kind and loving filled apology, and it also teaches those around us how to take control and be empowered, therefore creating a wonderful atmosphere for all! Good luck and positive energy to all…. Until next time…

From the heart,


Manifesting: 101

I should know better! I am trying really hard not to be surprised or frustrated, but sometimes I just feel like screaming…AAHHHHH…. Okay, Here’s the deal. I know that what ever you are concentrating on, you eventually will bring something of the sort, into your own life. Now here is the difference between wanting something with the inner knowledge that you do not have it or in other words, you don’t have the past experience to really relate to what that specific experience, i.e: being a millionaire or winning certain material items or have a romantic evening with a lover, because you have never done any of those to know what it would feel like deep in your heart. Now have you ever had your heart-broken or been without money or found your health to be less than tip-top??? The answer is most likely, yes (unfortunately.) Now I have a terrible habit of listening to others speak about the things that are not going well in their lives, whether it be money, issues with children, or spouse problems, etc. I am incredibly empathic (I’m sorry but I have to consider this a down fall on my character) and being so, I always listen to others intently and with a heart-felt feeling of connection. Bad move on my part. But I do  not want to alienate my co-experiencers, so how does one listen ‘and’ NOT manifest a like experience into ones own life? Everyone who I have gathered my knowledge from always says the same thing, “Change the subject or walk away from a conversation that involves negative energy.” What do you think? Would you think me rude, if I never wanted to listen to you speak about your problems? How would I help you if I can’t listen to you? Is it my ‘job’ to help you? Does it really matter what anyone else thinks? Should I only help those who are experiencing something that I have never experienced before, therefore I can not really ‘feel’ what it is like to be in their situation at all? I know there are many spiritual ways that one can protect themselves from emerging energies, but do I have to do that every moment (which is a lot) that the opportunity arises? I can see why people can become hermits at first when they learn all of this information. Turn the t.v. off, listen to only up beat, positive songs, stay at home and hide! I have already done that and yes, it actually does work, but I am way beyond that now. I still notice, obviously, when I manifest unwanted experiences into my life and when it is brought on by intently listening to others. I guess it is a good thing just to be able to recognize it. If I want the opposite experience I really need to give more time and effort over to ‘that’ wanted experience. And it does take great practice and much patients to concentrate on something that one has never (really) experienced before. Usually we give up to quickly because we aren’t seeing results, but that is only because it takes longer to manifest something that is hard for us to actually and heartfully feel deep inside, when we have never even experienced it before. (And it only takes moments to manifest things that we have previously experienced, because we know exactly how it feels.) The art of manifesting is all in the FEELINGS. So, for now I will chalk up a few loses to being lazy and therefore learning what I do not want and start a new day! Today I will not listen to the negative stuff. Today I will not slip into my empathic ways and indulge in my ego’s negative memories. Today I will look into only that which I desire. Today I will feel GOOD! Today I will forgive myself for being lazy-minded and pamper my spirit! Today I will love my new-found abundances. Today I will remember what it feels like to be stinkin’ rich, have a highly energetic and  healthy body, love with an open-heart, be loved to no end and be completely connected to my source energy!
What are YOU going to do today?

From the heart, always,


P.S.     Actually, if you do not give attention to the negative experiences that others are going through, you are ‘helping’ them, greatly! If you only concentrate on the solution and not the problem, that is the helping part of the equation. There, I just solved my own dilemma. I love talking this stuff out! Now I just need to remember my own advise every single moment of my day, right?? ha,ha….

With intentions:

I woke up this morning with intentions to have a good day! I don’t always remember to do this, unfortunately. But today I did and you know what??? I had a really good day! I experienced a few tornadoes and calmed all of them down, quickly I might add. I helped a few and separated from (the negative energies of) others. I pictured and hoped for a peaceful evening and was able to manifest it with gratitude. I am paying close attention to my thoughts and I am politely using force to quickly remove the negative ones, while at the same time, holding on to my faith, in regards to the all of my positive thoughts, whether they be old or new (sometimes this is no easy feat.) Holding faith in what is not yet there is an amazing feat, all in its own and I hope that those of you who are working on doing this, appreciate yourselves for the hard work and effort that you put into this area of the process of being a deliberate creator. By the way….. how is the ‘self-love’ homework coming along? Don’t worry, if you were able to even just remember to try to practice it, than “hats off to you, good job!” Anyway, nothing too exciting, just an all in all good day! I certainly hope that some (if not everyone) of you are able to join me tonight with a few of the emotions from the ‘top’ of the emotional ladder… Until next time.. Hugs and smiles……

From the heart,



A day in the life of a deliberate creator..

I willed myself to overcome my obstacles from the previous day and it worked. My weekend consisted of pleasant surprises. I was able to get out and connect with some new friends and be in the position to observe many people from afar (I have always, since I can remember, been a quiet observer, a deep thinker, without the need to interact or be center stage – not that I can’t or don’t enjoy talking with everyone because I love that just as much, but I have always been just as comfy gently observing the actions and interactions of others, (to bad it is considered ‘rude’ to stare).) I especially love it when I meet someone new and find an instant connection with them and can get excited about reconnecting with them in the near future (I guess that’s called – making new friends, which is always exciting when you are older or should I say ‘more advanced in years.’) I may jump around a bit today, for I seem to be a bit scatter brained (too much wine last night??)

I did find myself battling with a little bit of self-bashing, off and on. You know, the basics (I have a previous posting on this topic, if you are interested) “I should, could, be better at….. mothering, being a wife, being a money manager, being a friend, why haven’t I called my grandmother in so long (guilt), I need to be a better house keeper, laundry manager, I should (my husband would say ‘need’) to learn how to be a better cook, a more sufficient shopper, stop procrastinating on any and everything like the laundry, I even think that I thought I could give more effort in the bedroom (and I am really, really awesome in that department!)

Which brings me to my next discussion jump –  Why do we carry the false premise that we can say a million ‘bad’ things about ourselves, yet cringe in embarrassment when we say something great about ourselves. We should be walking around all day long just blabbing out all kinds of wonderful comments about how wonderful we are, like “Hey, did you know that I am really good at doing cartwheels?” or “Hey, did you know that I have really nice nails, here have a look?” or “Hey, did you know that I am really good at money managing, here look at my last bank statement?” or maybe, “Hey, did you know that I have an amazing muscle formation right here, you wanna see?” or “Hey did you know that I have a brain that works something like ‘rain-man’ yet I can socialize perfectly well at the same time?” (I am not speaking of self when I give these examples, but I know there are people out there with all of these traits.) So, why can’t we do this? (Alright, I have to take a quick break – I will be back in an hour, I have to teach a fitness class.)

Okay – back, and feel much more energized! Can we go around talking ourselves up instead of down? Why not? Well, if we’re not comfortable saying how great we are out-loud, we sure can say it in our minds! So, this week I am going to really work on that and you should too! I did manifest a few little things this weekend, like a night out with my man and a night in with my man (he,he,he..) I also received more requests for another stretch and fitness class, although I am running out of teaching hours (of course, when you no longer give the energy into ‘wanting’ something that you don’t have, it appears from all angles.) Therefore I am trying to enjoy the late manifestation of that (better late than never, right?) I have been thinking of a certain person for a while and ran into someone who is still in regular contact with them, and was able to tell me all about what they have been up to, so that’s always fun! hmm.. what else.. oh, I was discussing the big lottery subject all last week (but who wasn’t) and I was discussing the authors Jerry and Esther Hicks (Abraham) and was lead to check out a fellow blogger’s blog, happened to scroll way down further than I would normally and what do you know….she graciously posted a 2 part short video of Esther (Abraham) giving a lecture on ‘winning the lottery’, just for me! (ha,ha) These are the tiny and timely little things that most just call coincidences, however I like to pay attention and appreciate the little things as being a deliberate creator. My husband and I also had a lot of occurrences where we would say something and the speaker on t.v. says the exact same thing at the exact same time.. That’s always fun, too. So, this week I am working on three things: time management, self-love, and letting go of false premises (beliefs that hold me back from positive growth and manifestations.) Oh, and one more thing (because I need more, right?) not procrastinating on all the little things, get it done and then go have fun!!! Wish me luck. I hope everyone noticed something special throughout their days this weekend and also,  try to work on a few things for themselves like self love (keeping personal door open to desired manifestations!) Until next time….

From the heart always,