Take a different view….

There is always a different angle to view each experience! However we tend to find this most difficult when we are going through one that we do not like. Try this the next time it happens to you……….

Pay attention and ‘feel’ the emotions that you are going through so that you can really ‘know’ what it feels like to experience such an event or process. Quickly use your mind to calm yourself down, you can do this many different ways. I like to use plan old logic. I separate myself from the experience and step back from the storm and use what I have learned to relax. “What advise would I give someone else in this same situation?” and then I give myself the same advise. I ‘get over’ it! I then follow with concentrating on a solution and only a solution. I try my best not to look back. You need to cut off your mental connection to this unwanted situation so that you won’t attract more and more thoughts that resemble the unwanted situation and cause negative manifestations! Once you have come up with a plan/solution, take small baby steps if needed, of action to produce the wanted results of this experience. You have now changed your energy path from negative to positive! You are taking charge of your own personal situation and taking your POWER back!

The reason that I asked you to “feel” those feelings in the beginning was for future purpose. Why? Because it is important for us as souls that are here on earth to learn and grow, to be able to have compassion for all others and when we have experienced a specific experience that someone else may be going through, we will then have the TRUE ability to be compassionate! After we have an unwanted experience we need to disconnect/disengage from it emotionally so that we do¬† not manifest it again. We need to be able to talk with others and have, what is called, a disconnected compassion. That way we can understand what others are experiencing, yet not manifest it (again) for ourselves!

You can now VIEW your negative experience differently. See this experience as a lesson and a gift of learned compassion to possibly be utilized in the future!

Good Luck. Until next time….. (I will try to discuss this disconnect issue more in the next few postings. Positive energy to you all….)



Boy oh boy, this world is full of worry-warts! Everywhere I go, I hear someone mouthing off about how worried they are about this and that! I want nothing more than to grab their fleshy cheeks and look them right in their glassy eyeballs and sternly say “Stop worrying about everything and nothing will happen!!” But instead I just have a small, silent conversation with their higher-self and ask for their help and guidance in leading this person to a peaceful place where they can let all their worry’s go and hold an attitude of joyful gratitude.

I remember when I first learned how bad it was for me to worry about anything. At the time I was taking some medication for panic attacks. Anybody who knows me now would be shocked to hear that! I am so relaxed now and I have taken complete control over my emotions and therefore my outcome of life experiences. I didn’t know then that I was actually making my panic attacks by my thoughts and how fast a thought can snowball into another related thought…. ICKK! I sometimes run off course, even now, and quickly feel that nervous feeling (the ones that used to run right into a full-blown attack) but now that I know that it is 100 percent mental, I switch mind-gears and the anxiety just melts away.

I call it getting ones POWER back! I lost my power years ago when I was uncomfortable in my skin and had minimal source connect. Then I learned all about the law of attraction and started the “let’s get my power back!” game and all that bad self-mojo disappeared, replaced by a gradual incline of self-love and positive experiences both inwardly and outwardly. Now I just need tiny-pricks of reminders to make sure that I am keeping the ‘power’ turned on (sometimes a storm comes through and knocks the power out, but it always comes back on , eventually! We try to keep our storms to a minimum!)

What are you worrying about, right now? Are you even conscious of it? Maybe, hopefully, you are feeling quite pleasant and joyful! If you are finding that you are worried about something, remind yourself that you are attracting this worry therefore you have the ‘power’ to release it and attract the opposite of that which makes you worry. This takes practice and patience, but start now! Think about that which you WANT! How does it feel to have that wonderful experience…. keep going on that thought and work on attracting more thoughts that bring you a feeling of joy and happiness!!!! Good Luck. Have a great day! Until next time…

From the heart