Here is a quick lesson on visualization for those of you who do not understand what or how to visualize.

It can be really quite simple and it doesn’t have to take much time. A vision is a picture in your head. It can be something new and made up by your mind or something that has already happened to you or something you have already seen in your reality.

To practice visualization I will take you through a short example and one that I love to do all the time!

I am lying on a warm sandy beach. I ‘hear’ the waves make gentle crashing sounds and the birds above are screeching lightly for food. The sun is producing heat at a degree of about 80 and my skin has a slight beading of moisture all over it. There is a cooling breeze coming off the water and my hair blows back gently. I am lying on a large pink and red and blue towel with a basket of cold food and a cooler filled with red wine and cold water to drink. I put my toes with painted toe nails (silver colored) into the warm, white sand, it feels gritty, yet soft. My children, safely run and laugh with my husband up and down the beach searching for interesting shells to put in to a yellow bucket. They are all smiling and I smile with a feelings of joy and blissfulness. I glance at the tall palm trees that are behind me and look up to see them filled with a few coconuts. I wonder if my oldest son will try to climb it to pull a coconut down? I relax and close my eyes. I can smell the coconut scent of my tanning lotion and just feel the warmth of the delightful day surround me…..

When you visualize, you need to add as much detail as you can – sounds, sights, smells, people, colors, etc. And then feel the feelings and emotions that you want to be feeling with that experience. Only add the people and things that make you feel positive. Indulge and enjoy and then release it to the universe to bring that experience (or experiences that make you feel ‘that’ way) into your reality! Let go with faith and then live in the moment that you have created now with appreciation and gratitude!

Keep up the positive work. Good things are coming.. Good luck and many blessing to you and yours.

From the heart,


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